Decreased Testosterone Leads To Cowardice And Greed

Decreased Testosterone Leads To Cowardice And Greed
Decreased Testosterone Leads To Cowardice And Greed

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Testosterone is a hormone that is important not only for the health of men and women. It also determines many features of behavior. The well-known formula "testosterone is the hormone of kings and the king of hormones" is an axiom. In the comments for, the psychologist emphasized: testosterone gives confidence and the absence of fear, leads to success, and determines leadership qualities. But after 28 years, its amount in the body begins to decline. The andrologist is convinced that men need to sound the alarm even when the number "8" appears in the testosterone test for hormones.

Testosterone is an indispensable component of the hormonal status of both men and women. It ensures the correct development of muscles, bones, tendons, gives endurance to physical activity, reduces body weight and increases the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands. In men, it is produced in the testicles, in women it is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. Very important during puberty. There are diagnoses in which testosterone is converted into a medicine: in severe conditions after exhausting chronic diseases (stay in intensive care, prolonged physical inactivity). The practice of introducing this hormone into the body in the treatment of obesity in men is known. In general, this hormone is more important than all others for men and less important for women.

The norm of testosterone for women is 0.49-1.72 nmol / l in the age period 16-50 years and 0.46-1.18 nmol / l for those over 50. For men aged 18-50 years, the numbers norms - 8.65-29 nmol / l; over 50 years old - 6.7-25.7 nmol / l.

"Confidence, fearlessness and honesty"

A high level of testosterone creates a character that is usually called masculine - this is an aggressive type of behavior, a desire for competition. Intransigence, determination and aggressiveness are the first manifestations of this hormone. If we see straightforwardness, confidence, strength, fearlessness - with a high degree of probability there will be a high level of testosterone. A low level of the hormone leads to tolerance, to the desire to close your eyes to something, there is no mood to fight to the end, to punish the offender.


Author: Kristina Ivanenko [Associate Professor of the Department of Acmeology and Psychology of Professional Activity, Faculty of Psychology, Institute of Social Sciences (ION), RANEPA]

A huge number of experiments have been carried out and proven: people with high testosterone levels solve 70-80% of conflict situations with the use of aggressive energy. Men with a low level are more prone to compromise solutions, they do not bring the conflict to the absolute. The second social manifestation of this hormone is honesty and fairness. High testosterone levels correlate with high honesty, and this has been proven experimentally. In particular, people with different levels of the hormone were offered to share money, and those who were distinguished by a high content of this hormone in their blood acted as honestly as possible.

The psychologist said: in a number of valid experiments it was proved that men with high testosterone levels often give incorrect answers to questions and do not even try to double-check themselves. They are very confident in themselves. In nature, this behavior is the key to success: a quick decision, no doubt leads to a victorious result.

People with high levels of testosterone in their blood are generally successful. Such a person sets a goal and goes to it, despite external obstacles. The hormone is responsible for the desire to achieve status, "dominate the pack" - in any social group, no matter what a person belongs to. As a rule, such people are successful in the financial sphere, in politics, - says Kristina Ivanenko.

But the testoterone nature has its downsides. This is low empathy, low reflection, low self-criticism. Such people ignore other people's opinions.If someone is ready to conduct sincere conversations until 6 in the morning, to feel and understand the interlocutor, to delve into the problems of his grandmother or his girlfriend, then most likely he has a low testosterone level. However, sincere men with low levels of the "hormone of kings" also have drawbacks - in a number of scientific works, Ivanenko said, it was proved that low testosterone leads to greed and money-grubbing, forms a "saving" type of character.

In this case, the doctor urologist-andrologist, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Urology of the Central State Medical Academy of the UD of the President of the Russian Federation Nikita Zaitsev fully agrees with the psychologist.


Author: Nikita Zaitsev [doctor andrologist-urologist]

The degree of a man's activity depends on the level of testosterone, and not only sexual, but also social: his performance, tolerance to physical activity, love of life, passion, "machismo" - everything that we are used to associating with masculinity.

At the same time, Anna Goncharova, endocrinologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor at RUDN University, warns against sudden conclusions about the effect of testosterone on character and socialization, speaking about the role of education.


Author: Anna Goncharova [endocrinologist, professor at RUDN University]

To say that all people with low testosterone suffer from tearfulness, depression or neurosis would be wrong. I know a very large number of patients in whom this is not the case - no psychological characteristics. However, lowering testosterone levels results in more faintheartedness, less determination. Excess is traditionally associated with increased aggressiveness, but indiscriminately blaming everything on testosterone is impossible - to a greater extent, this is the result of upbringing.

"Men grow decrepit much faster than women."

While the level of testosterone in the blood is high, men are actively producing sperm, nutrients are retained in the muscles, high performance, good mood and memory remain. Deficiency of the hormone is accompanied by the following symptoms: sexual desire disappears, obesity develops, stamina and performance decrease, apathy, insomnia occur, memory deteriorates. The testosterone level must be monitored by analysis and adjusted in a timely manner. It is known that men, most often, suffer from a decrease in the level of this hormone, which leads to androgenic deficiency, which, in turn, leads to a very rapid, much faster than in women, decrepitude of the body.

The heyday of male life - 28 years. After that, there is a loss of testosterone, the man begins to grow decrepit. Nutrition, stress, less mobility - leads to early androgen deficiency. You cannot have less than 8 nmol / L, this is definitely perfect. Different authors give different gradations, it is generally believed that for normal well-being, you need to have a testosterone level of 12. Less - absolutely definitely this is androgen deficiency, and this condition requires correction, - the andrologist is convinced.

According to the expert, the problem of androgen deficiency has come to the fore today. Various schemes of substitution therapy are proposed - men try to maintain youth and masculinity, just as women do with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The doctor explains: androgen deficiency is not a disease that requires urgent help; "Not urolithiasis and not gonorrhea, not imperative." But if a man wants to preserve himself as a full-fledged unit of society, as a sexually active individual, he should be offered help. The anti-age direction is well developed today - the treatment of men from old age. The priority is phytobooster - herbal preparations, which, as Zaitsev said, "do not cause harm, they only increase their own biosynthesis." But, as the expert said, these drugs help younger patients; in older people, they most often do not work.

Exercise, diet, finding a partner who will stimulate you to have sex are all very important. Testicles are secondary to testosterone production. The stimulus is given by the brain - the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. The amount of releasing hormones that stimulate testosterone biosynthesis depends on the brain. The more active a person is, the higher the testosterone level will be. If you do not meet women, do not see them, do not hear them, and do not want to see them, then you will not produce testosterone. The highest level of this hormone is in the head of the weaving factory, who manages the women's collective, - summed up the andrologist.

The expert also recalled the importance of diet for increasing hormone levels. Testosterone is a steroid hormone, and its amount directly depends on the level of cholesterol in the blood. It turns out that unhealthy foods are good for testosterone levels.

Meat, dairy products, a large amount of protein in the diet, and then the steroid ring in the blood becomes larger, there is something to "build" testosterone from. But you cannot go to extremes: a large number of cutlets will not raise testosterone levels, but a vegan diet is absolutely not suitable for those who would like to increase testosterone levels, Zaitsev summed up.

The doctor also noted that the higher the testosterone level, the more likely it is to bring fertile offspring. At the same time, he warned against rash use of HRT in men: real hormones introduced from the outside inhibit their own testosterone production. A feedback mechanism is in place. If you start injecting real hormones (do not use phytoboosters, but use hormones), then they will have to be done until the patient decides to stop having sex.

High testosterone in women

If men often suffer from low testosterone levels, then for women, as a rule, it becomes a problem. The most common reasons for an increase in this hormone in women are congenital disorders of the adrenal cortex, inadequate physical activity, and sometimes serious diseases of the ovaries and adrenal glands. But in any case, if a high level of the hormone in the blood is found in women, you should proceed with caution.

We must understand what we are dealing with. There are physiological or genetic features: there are some congenital conditions (dysfunction of the adrenal cortex or polycystic ovary syndrome), the relationship between different forms of testosterone is disturbed. Sensitivity to free testosterone, the activity of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone to its active form, are transmitted genetically. Some will have an excess of androgens without signs, while others will cause certain symptoms. The patient should be assessed according to complaints, anamnesis, heredity, and not just one analysis, - Professor Anna Goncharova is convinced.

To treat or not to treat hormonal imbalance is decided individually and very carefully. It is necessary to assess not only the level of testosterone in the body, but also the activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and the ratio of forms associated with protein and forms of free testosterone, that is, those that directly implement the effect of this hormone. In addition, the protein-synthetic function of the liver is important. All this is a difficult medical task.

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