A Spacesuit Will Protect Us 100%, But It Is Better To Wear A Mask: Virologists On Measures To Combat COVID-2020

A Spacesuit Will Protect Us 100%, But It Is Better To Wear A Mask: Virologists On Measures To Combat COVID-2020
A Spacesuit Will Protect Us 100%, But It Is Better To Wear A Mask: Virologists On Measures To Combat COVID-2020

Video: A Spacesuit Will Protect Us 100%, But It Is Better To Wear A Mask: Virologists On Measures To Combat COVID-2020

Video: Could You Make a Space Suit Out of Duct Tape? Wearing a Duct Tape Glove in a Vacuum Chamber! 2022, December

The main stars of the forum were scientists Mikhail Favorov, who lives and works in the United States, and the Novosibirsk virologist, Professor Sergei Netesov. All the public's attention was riveted to them. The reports and speeches of the speakers could be heard not only at the forum sites in the Koltsovo science city, but also online during broadcasts.

"Masks do not give 100% protection, only a spacesuit will give such protection, but wearing it will turn our life into a nightmare," virologist Sergei Netesov commented on the topic of masks on the forum. But even if there is a super-distributor of coronavirus infection next to you, which can infect 50 people in an evening, the mask will significantly reduce the attack of the virus. Eyeglasses also help you stay healthy.

"Symptoms of the coronavirus: how to be treated before the arrival of the doctor"

“In China, a study was conducted that showed that people who wear glasses are five times less likely to become infected with covid,” said Sergei Netesov. - In China, this is all very vividly manifested, since there is a small population of people wearing contact lenses. 80% of those who need vision correction prefer glasses. And there were very few patients with glasses. Among patients, only 10% wore them."

It is obvious that the virus enters the body mainly through the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose. Therefore, when next to an infected person or in public places, it is worth covering both your mouth and nose with a mask, and touching your face with your hands as little as possible. In this case, even if you seize the virus, its dose will not be so large and the body will cope with the disease easier and faster.

Scientists have named the end date of the COVID-19 epidemic

More dangerous than smallpox

Now we are at the peak of the second wave of coronavirus: the incidence is 1.5 times higher than the peak rates that were recorded in May. Against the background of all that is happening, the statements that the new coronavirus infection is no more dangerous than ordinary flu cannot be taken seriously, Sergei Netesov said at the forum: "The mortality from coronavirus was 10 times higher than that from influenza."

"30 operators will strengthen the unified register: it is now possible to call 124"

The largest percentage of deaths from covid in the world is among age 60+ patients. In some countries, in this category, it is 30 and even 40%, which is higher than the mortality rate for the most dangerous disease - smallpox, said the virologist.

No drugs for the coronavirus with a proven effect have yet been developed, but the process is underway. At the same time, the hormonal drug dexamethasone, which has long been used in medicine, has shown its effectiveness in treating covid; it removes the cytokine storm, and thrombolytic drugs. They are included in the guidelines for doctors in many countries.

"High alert mode extended until the end of 2020 in the Novosibirsk region"

The collective successes of earthlings in the fight against the pandemic cannot yet be called significant, epidemiologist Mikhail Favorov said at the OpenBio-2020 forum. The undisputed leaders in the fight against covid on the planet have not yet been identified. Local successes are counterbalanced by no less striking failures in the fight against the general misfortune.

Losses will not be counted soon

China cannot be called a pioneer either, from which it all began, and which was the first to declare that it had overcome the epidemic. According to Mikhail Favorov, the Chinese desire to "save face" and manipulation of statistics have cost the world dearly. When the coronavirus was already raging in Wuhan, international flights there, unlike domestic ones, were not canceled, and the infection spread throughout the world.

"121 million rubles from Moscow will receive the Novosibirsk region to fight COVID-19"

The most effective measure to combat coronavirus epidemiologist Mikhail Favorov called a sufficient number of beds for seriously ill patients. “If a hastily redesigned sanatorium is called an intensive care unit, this will not give an effective reduction in mortality,” the expert commented. “The only criterion for success, in my opinion, is the availability of professional care for critical patients.”

The scientist asked not to escalate the topic of re-infection with covid. Yes, re-infection is a very unpleasant moment for vaccinologists, it casts doubt on the effectiveness of their work, but now it is worth focusing on helping the elderly, who have a very high risk of dying, said Favorov.

"Laboratories where they test for covid are ready to work in two shifts."

The most bizarre measure to combat the epidemic, the scientist called the complete closure of some countries - until the "vaccine is brought". Such isolation threatens the initiating country with economic collapse. And the smaller the scale of the state or region, the faster it will be finished off by closeness.

It is too early to calculate the losses that the epidemic has inflicted on humanity. “Perhaps only in five years will we have enough data. Then we will be able to assess both the scale of lethal losses and the severity of the consequences of covid infection,”the epidemiologist is convinced.

In a pessimistic scenario, 2025 is called the end of the pandemic. If it really lasts that long, then the damage from it will be comparable to the consequences of the "Spanish flu" of 1918-1920. Covid will not become Spanish 2.0, but will be similar to her "in the plot", Mikhail Favorov is convinced.

"Conscious self-medication of the population": the head of the Ministry of Health on the current situation with COVID-19"

There is also an optimistic forecast for the end of the pandemic. It can be completed much faster, in 2022. Scientists hope that the vaccines currently being developed will successfully pass all the necessary tests and prove to be effective.

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