Nutritionist Named The Top Dangerous Diets

Nutritionist Named The Top Dangerous Diets
Nutritionist Named The Top Dangerous Diets

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In pursuit of the desired pounds, women are ready to exhaust themselves with even the most difficult diets. The doctor told how severe dietary restrictions can affect health, and what all this threatens.

PeopleTalk journalists talked to an expert who has been treating the effects of such nutrition for many years - Sergey Mikhailovich Bershtein, Ph.D. …

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The list of dangerous diets includes: chocolate, protein, biohacking diet, fasting and interval approaches, lemon and drinking diets. Now let's talk about the dangers of each of them.

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Drinking diet involves eating pureed or pureed food. This diet excludes all foods that cannot be made "drinkable". Because of this, a person is deprived of most of the beneficial nutrients, amino acids.

Such a diet disrupts the main chain of digestion, which in the future can lead to a violation of the secretion of the digestive glands, since solid food stops flowing and disrupts the intestinal microbiota.

The chocolate diet includes a lot of caffeine and nothing else. Well, you can indulge yourself with some water, so to speak. According to the doctor, such a diet (and even fasting days) is definitely not indicated for a person with obesity or overweight problems. Eating only one chocolate and similar foods can be dangerous in terms of the course of latent diseases (for example, diabetes), as well as due to the stimulating effects of caffeine itself.

The next dangerous diet is protein. This diet is often chosen by athletes to gain the desired muscle mass. But knowledgeable people have already realized that with an excess of protein, metabolic disorders occur, protein metabolism products are formed in the body, which can disrupt the functioning of the kidneys, liver, protein food increases insulin. That is, it is not at all good for our health.

The lemon diet, to be honest, sounds like some kind of horror at all. It involves consuming large quantities of lemon juice and lemons. Just imagine what an irritating effect it has on the stomach. Such food will obviously not be useful for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, peptic ulcer, heartburn. By the way, even in a healthy person, an excess of citric acid will provoke possible stomach discomfort.

New biohacking and interval diets will not do anything good for the body either. “Our body is designed very cunningly - when we underfeed it, when we reduce the number of calories for a long time, it starts to slow down metabolic processes, because it starts spending less, since its main task is survival. And long-term restrictive measures for him are a signal that now he will have to survive,”the expert said.

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