Aerobics For Weight Loss At Home

Aerobics For Weight Loss At Home
Aerobics For Weight Loss At Home

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How does it work


Aerobics is a set of physical exercises in the form of dancing with sports elements, performed to rhythmic music. Regular exercise helps:

speed up metabolism;

reduce excess weight and correct your figure;

burn calories during and after exercise;

remove slags and excess liquid.

The technique allows you to carefully work out the hips and abdomen, as a result of regular training, the waist is corrected, the hips take a beautiful shape, the buttocks become more elastic and, of course, cellulite disappears.

Intense exercise helps to quickly consume carbohydrates, which means that sugar is quickly processed, polysaccharides are broken down by liver cells. As a result, the body has nowhere else to take energy, and the subcutaneous fat layer begins to be consumed. The more you exercise, the faster fat will be burned and the body will move closer to the standard of beauty.

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Advantages and disadvantages

In practice, this is not a universal option, and besides the obvious advantages, there are a number of disadvantages.

There are more advantages:

endurance increases and fatigue is removed, a reserve of strength and energy appears;

general immunity is strengthened, mood improves;

a positive effect on the cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory system;

bones and joints are strengthened;

you can train yourself without leaving home;

aesthetic pleasure from the result of classes.

Aerobics refers to physical training, although it is similar to dance with sports elements, therefore, the contraindications are appropriate:

medical restrictions (high blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system, exacerbations of diseases, osteochondrosis, varicose veins, etc.);

different levels of physical fitness (if you train in a group, the instructor is not able to set a uniform pace, someone will invariably lag behind, and someone will not be enough);

calories are not burned as quickly as it seems (you can burn about 400 kcal in one hour, while cycling or rollerblading in the same time will help you get rid of 900 kcal).


Aerobics can be chosen for every taste, there are options for beginners, and there are for experienced ones. In most cases, the activities resemble dancing with physical elements.

Step aerobics

For classes, a special platform in the form of a step is required. Serves for performing small jumps and steps. Helps to effectively work the muscles of the thighs, back and abdomen. There are many options for using the platform:




step jumping, etc.

In terms of intensity, this method can be compared to jogging at a speed of 10-12 km / h.

To practice, you do not need to have basic choreography skills and good physical fitness.


Maximum load on the muscles and, as a result, a relief figure. Styling, shaping - it's all about power aerobics. Targeting fat burning and muscle growth.


We've all seen the performances of cheerleading teams in films. In fact, this is something similar to artistic gymnastics. Here, all movements are performed to rhythms that set the pace. Special competitions are held where the technique, purity, artistry of the program in solo or group performance is assessed.


A kind of sports, it is notable for its spectacularity, the emphasis is on synchronicity and plasticity, the power component is practically absent here. Also helps to lose weight, straighten posture. A variety of dance styles are taken as a basis:


Latin American;



Irish riverdance, etc.

Separately, it is worth mentioning zumba, one of the best directions in sports aerobics with its own individual types. This method necessarily implies the presence of an instructor. The wrong pace and the chosen technique cause injury. Therefore, such aerobics for weight loss at home is not the best way.


The most popular type today, which is called a trend. Fitness is also called physical education of the XXI century. This direction even has its own international federation FISAF.


Combination of strength tasks and gymnastics. It is characterized by serious physical exertion, and the equipment includes boxing gloves, pears and skipping ropes. This is not just a way to keep your figure in good shape, but also an opportunity to learn the basics of self-defense techniques.

Cycle aerobics

A type of exercise on a bicycle simulator, simulates movement over rough terrain. This method is characterized by a high intensity of training, performed in a complex manner under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Water aerobics

Swimming, gymnastics and strength training in one bottle. The risk of injury is minimal, you can train even for those who cannot keep afloat. Among the disadvantages is the high cost and the result largely depends on the experience and professionalism of the trainer. Slide aerobics

You will need special shoes and equipment (slide board). It resembles the movement of a skater (shoes allow you to slide on the board). The method helps to increase endurance and work out the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. At the same time, the load on the musculoskeletal system is insignificant. Of the shortcomings, monotony is noted.

Fitball aerobics

The method is more reminiscent of wellness procedures using a fitball. Initially, this variety was used for the rehabilitation of people with disorders of the central nervous system. There are methods with and without jumps, as well as combined. Any beat of the music can be used.

Course options

In order to effectively lose weight, it is best to work with a qualified trainer who can choose an individual program. Of course, you can study in a group, but due to the varying degrees of preparation, this is not always convenient. However, aerobics, which is popular among those engaged in at home for weight loss, is aerobics, because you can independently select the intensity and program, you just need to familiarize yourself with the video tutorials.

Basic training includes:

running at different speeds;


jumps and jumps;



Based on the analysis of many complexes, you can compose an approximate course for beginners.

Warm up

A set of standard exercises for warming up muscles, repetitions 10 times for five minutes:

At the count of 1-4, put the feet together, 5-8 to the sides.

In addition to steps on the spot, alternate raising and lowering of the arms are connected.

Bring your feet together and take your arms back. Further, with the left foot, step to the left at the expense of two one step back, the right in the other direction, the left returns to the opposite position.

Feet shoulder-width apart, arms lower. Bending your right hand to sharply raise the left knee to the elbow as far as possible.

Basic workout

The complex is designed for 20 minutes:

Leaning on the foot, stretch the left leg forward, touching the floor with the toe. Hands are wound back, then in a jump, transfer the load to the left foot, while stretching the right. Then stand up to the starting position.

Bring your feet together, and bend your arms in the chest area. Step to the left and pull up your right leg. Step with a shoulder turn 180 degrees and attach the left. Repeat in the other direction.

Put your feet shoulder-width apart and stretch your hands forward, sit down, then stand up, overwhelming the left shin.

Feet together, arms extended forward. Raise your left leg, bent at the knee, as high as possible. Repeat for the second side.

Legs together, brushes forward. Step left, then right with a cross.


Recovery is mandatory, it is completed within 10 minutes.

Heels and toes together, bend your arms in front of you. Sit on your right foot, making a left lunge, then pull up the leg.

Getting on all fours, rest your elbows on the floor. Pull the left leg back and bend, straightening the toe.

Lying on your back, press your hands to the body, palms to the floor. Raise the body and bend your knees, pulling them up to your forehead. In this case, the palms should not move.

Moreover, the exercises must be performed to the rhythmic tempo of the music.


To increase efficiency, you should follow some recommendations from professional trainers:

Start from scratch. You should not immediately start with intense workouts, the body is not yet ready for them and can fail, so there will be no result.

It is better to do it a few hours after eating.

Structural load should always be respected, that is, first warm up the muscles with a warm-up, then the main exercises follow, after which a hitch for relaxation (a sudden stop negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system).

It will not be superfluous to periodically measure the heart rate, it should not exceed the maximum values.

After training, it is important to regain breathing, while you need to move, and not sit or lie down. You can walk down the street or do household chores.

Loads should be moderate.

The best option is no more than three times a day a week, for example, on Monday, then on Wednesday, and Friday.

Standard time is about one hour.

Correct load and exercise is only half the battle; it is important to choose the right food and drink plenty of water.

Aerobics can be done at different times of the day. So in the morning before meals, you can count on effective weight loss, since fats that the body has stored in reserve are burned. Plus, exercising in the morning helps you wake up and recharge your batteries. In the evening, you can significantly increase the load, because the body needs to burn the calories received throughout the day.

Even if you will be exercising at home, you will need to purchase special shoes with a good shock-absorbing effect and light sportswear. You may also need equipment, for example, a fitball, slide board, jump rope, etc.

For all those who choose aerobics for weight loss, one thing should be remembered: it should bring joy. There can be no rivalry in groups, and there is no place for complexes, they will interfere. Each person is engaged only for himself, enjoy training and move to the beat of the music, then a positive mood and good health will accompany you constantly.

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