All About The Eighth Week Of Pregnancy

All About The Eighth Week Of Pregnancy
All About The Eighth Week Of Pregnancy

So, you are already in the second half of the first trimester. 8 obstetric week of pregnancy (doctors set the period from the first day of the last menstruation) - this is the 6th week from conception. The fruit is growing rapidly and every day organs and systems of the body are being formed. Big changes await the expectant mother: her well-being can change dramatically.


The size of the uterus gradually increases, and at the 8th week it reaches 7-8 cm. A woman's weight normally does not increase until it should, on the contrary, with toxicosis, it may decrease slightly.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Some women may already have breast enlargement at such an early stage of pregnancy. This is due to the hormonal changes that are required to prepare her for further lactation. In addition, a pronounced vascular network may appear on the skin of the breast, and the nipples become slightly darker. The breasts will increase throughout the pregnancy, so sometimes the expectant mother has to buy new bras 1-2 sizes larger.

Pregnancy test

At the 8th week, the delay in the menstrual cycle is already obvious, so the pregnancy test will show 2 bright stripes. However, some women note the fact that the strips on the test, on the contrary, turn pale, although they had previously shown a positive result. This is a so-called false negative result. One of the reasons may be an insufficient concentration of the hCG hormone due to a large amount of drinking water.

In particular, it is for this reason that a pregnancy test is recommended in the morning.

Analyzes and medical examinations

If a woman has not yet been at an obstetrician-gynecologist's appointment, then now is the time to do it. The earlier the expectant mother undergoes the first examinations and tests, the sooner the doctor will be able to exclude diseases that are dangerous during pregnancy.

In addition, at the 8th week, it is already possible to register with an antenatal clinic or conclude an agreement on pregnancy management with a clinic in which a woman plans to be monitored for the entire period.


An ultrasound examination at the 8th week is carried out if a woman comes to the doctor for the first consultation. This is done in order to confirm the onset of pregnancy, to make sure that the fetus is developing correctly.

In addition, an ultrasound scan is necessary if a woman has complaints of pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, or there is bloody discharge from the vagina.

What does a child look like

This is the last week in which the unborn child is considered an embryo. Starting from the 9th week, it will be called the fetus. In size, it now resembles a large bean or grape berry. Its length is 15-20 mm. The child's spinal cord, bones and intestines are actively forming. It is already clear where he will have elbows and knees, wrists and ankles. Fingers appeared on the hands.

The chin is still pressed to the chest, but on the face you can already see a small nose, upper lip, eyelids.

This week, the pigment responsible for eye color will begin to form.

The child's heart beats at a frequency of 150-170 beats per minute.

The respiratory system is actively developing. In girls, ovaries begin to develop, and in boys, testicles, but it is not yet possible to determine the sex of the child, the genitals have not yet been formed. The first convolutions are formed in the brain.

The yolk sac is still functioning, it is still growing, and this week it is about 5-6 mm in diameter.

What happens in the 8th week of pregnancy - sensations

In the expectant mother, the volume of blood circulating in the body begins to increase significantly.In addition, there is a constant production of pregnancy hormones, which can lead to headaches. If such sensations regularly bother a woman, then it is better to consult a therapist and choose drugs that are safe for the fetus.

Constipation is another problem that an expectant mother may face, even at such an early date.

It is necessary to inform the doctor about this at the first appointment. The easiest way to deal with constipation is by adjusting your diet and adding physical activity. But not every woman's well-being allows her to eat regularly and move more. Drowsiness, weakness, toxicosis interfere with living a full life. Soon, these unpleasant symptoms will pass, and sleep, nutrition and activity will improve. But while the problem of constipation can be tried in other ways. The obstetrician-gynecologist who leads the pregnancy will tell you about this.

Stomach ache

Mild pain in the lower abdomen is considered acceptable, since the body is undergoing serious hormonal changes. If the pains bother a woman, if they intensify over time, then wait until "will pass by itself" in no case - you must definitely consult a doctor.

Back pain

Mild pain in the lumbar region may appear due to hormonal changes. But you should distinguish them from the pain that occurs with pyelonephritis and cystitis. Therefore, if a woman has chronic diseases, it is very important to start treatment on time, and so as not to harm the fetus. Indeed, many medications are contraindicated in the first trimester.


Normally, a woman's discharge can be in the form of a mucous fluid of a transparent or white color. It's okay if sometimes brown is, but only the doctor will decide if this is normal. But blotches of blood or spotting are a reason for an urgent appeal to a gynecologist.

Perhaps we are talking about abortion, especially if such discharge is accompanied by pain in the back or lower back.

If curdled discharge appears, then you need to immediately inform the doctor about it, take a smear for analysis and, if thrush is confirmed, treat it in time.


Morning sickness affects 75% of pregnant women. Why it occurs, no one can answer unequivocally, but doctors accurately associate this condition with the active production of pregnancy hormones. It is possible to cope with this condition, although it is not always easy: drink water in small sips, eat often and in small portions.

Much worse is the case for those women who are faced with the so-called hyperemesia - excessive vomiting.

There are only 1% of such pregnant women, by the way, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, also went through this.

These expectant mothers may experience up to 40-50 bouts of nausea and vomiting per day, as well as general fatigue, weakness and dizziness. At the same time, the body is greatly dehydrated, so it is necessary to regularly replenish the loss of fluid.

Do's and don'ts at 8 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is not a disease, so you can live in a normal rhythm, if there are no special contraindications for this. The exception is alcohol and cigarettes.

But there are a few more important things that are temporarily better off: slimming clothes and high heels. The first makes it difficult for blood circulation, the second is dangerous because a woman can stumble, because the center of gravity begins to shift a little. In addition, edema may appear.


Already at the first appointment, the obstetrician-gynecologist may prescribe a special complex of vitamins and minerals for the expectant mother. It helps the body to make up for the lack of nutrients that must be supplied with food. But since many pregnant women suffer from toxicosis and cannot fully eat for some time, taking such drugs becomes a necessity.

In case of anemia in a pregnant woman, iron preparations are prescribed, but it is not always possible to pick them up the first time, since one of the side effects of such drugs is the onset of a feeling of nausea.

As for nutrition, the main thing now is to include boiled beef in your diet and consume it daily at least in small quantities.


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