How To Get To Sleep? Specialist Recommendation

How To Get To Sleep? Specialist Recommendation
How To Get To Sleep? Specialist Recommendation

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In the modern world, many people are forced to sacrifice sleep due to the heavy workload at work or school. Often they do not have a developed sleep pattern and do not have the habit of going to bed at the same time. As a result, many face chronic sleep deprivation, which can seriously harm their health.

What is the danger of lack of sleep and lack of sleep culture? As the candidate of medical sciences, director of the department of scientific research and development of the Materia Medica Holding company Sergey Tarasov said, today many underestimate the importance of quality rest, while it is in a dream that the body restores vital resources.

If earlier a person was forced to finish work and go to bed with the onset of darkness, then in the conditions of modern civilization he practically does not depend on the natural rhythms of the onset of day and night.

So, today we can sit by the light and work at the computer for an unlimited time. In addition, bright artificial light suppresses the production of melatonin (a hormone that regulates the rhythms associated with the change of day and night), and it takes more time to fall asleep. Lack of sleep becomes a habit, and over time, a person does not feel rested in the morning, does not have time to process information, and reduces the productivity of his work.

The neglected cases of lack of sleep can provoke problems in the functioning of various body systems and increase the risk of dangerous diseases. Lack of sleep often affects the psychological state of a person. Many people know firsthand that it is enough not to get enough sleep once to get problems with concentration, irritability and anxiety.

If sleep deprivation becomes chronic and begins to noticeably affect your health and well-being, experts recommend that you immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe therapy to normalize work and rest.

Meanwhile, if you have not yet encountered serious problems, but have begun to think about them, the following recommendations from Sergey Tarasov may be useful to you.

Schedule waking up and going to bed

Based on your schedule, calculate what time you need to get up to get ready for work or school without haste. This will allow you to choose the optimal time to fall asleep and wake up.

Of course, the optimal amount of sleep varies from person to person. If someone needs at least eight hours, then for someone seven or six is ​​enough. Watch how much you sleep and how you feel to understand how much time you need.

The alarm should be set exactly at the time at which you plan to wake up. You shouldn't wake up earlier, postpone getting up and fall asleep again.

If you find that your current sleep schedule is far from ideal, do not try to change it overnight.

To rebuild and start living on a different schedule, you need to adjust the regime gradually. If you want to wake up earlier, try setting your alarm a little earlier every day until you get to your desired schedule.

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

Keep the room completely dark and at a comfortable temperature. Try not to use a mobile phone before going to bed and generally not to look at computer screens and gadgets an hour before bed. The light from the monitor will tune the brain to wakefulness.

Try to refrain from coffee and tea in the evening, as well as from strenuous physical activity a couple of hours before bed.

The stimulating effect of caffeine on the body lasts for several hours, so its use can negatively affect falling asleep. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from smoking.Intensive workouts should also be rescheduled.

Meanwhile, light physical activity, for example, walking will only be beneficial.

It is important to remember that the body restores its resources precisely during sleep, while chronic lack of sleep is extremely harmful and dangerous for all body systems and, as a specialist at Materia Medica Holding notes, responds with serious health problems.

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