How To Look Younger: 10 Easy Ways

How To Look Younger: 10 Easy Ways
How To Look Younger: 10 Easy Ways

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1. Use an SPF product every day

Even on a cloudy day, we are exposed to the sun's rays. The best way to protect your skin from UV damage is to use an SPF cream every day, not just on vacation. A recent study by American scientists, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, showed that people who used SPF creams at least four times a week showed fewer signs of aging in the next four years than those who did not use sunscreens at

Elmira Dzybova

dermatologist, surgeon-oncologist, allergist-immunologist, European Medical Center - Exposure to sunlight on the skin leads to the development of premature skin aging - to photoaging. Photoaging manifests itself in the earlier formation of wrinkles, age spots, leads to dry skin, a decrease in skin elasticity and density.

Daily use of sunscreen is effective in preventing skin photoaging and skin cancer that can result from excessive exposure to the hot sun. The choice of a suitable sunscreen depends on the lifestyle, age, place of residence, skin phototype. Your dermatologist can help you choose a sunscreen.

2. Pick up a hand cream

The condition of the skin of the hands can be used to determine the age, lifestyle and habits of a person. That is why it is so important to take care of the skin of your hands. Apply the cream daily and use a scrub once a week to remove dead skin particles.

Elmira Dzybova

dermatologist, surgeon-oncologist, allergist-immunologist, European Medical Center - The condition of the skin of the hands in people is different. It is best if a specialist selects the cream for you, based on the following factors:


frequency of contact with water;

the presence of negative factors at work;

the presence of skin diseases, such as eczema of the hands, atopic dermatitis;

the presence of allergic diseases, such as allergic contact dermatitis.

An improperly selected hand cream, at best, will not have the expected therapeutic effect, and at worst, it will worsen the condition of the skin.

3. Exercise regularly

Scientists from the Canadian McMaster University have found that exercise slows down skin aging. Thanks to sports, the complexion improves, the grayness and pallor of the skin disappears, all the muscles become stronger and better supplied with oxygen. A person's mood and well-being improves. Posture becomes smoother and gait easier. All these factors make you visually younger by several years.

4. Eat less salt

Salt retains water. Because of this, a person may look fuller than he really is. Swelling is usually especially noticeable on the face: look for swelling of the face the morning after a salty dinner. Excessive salt intake is also bad for the kidneys. It reduces joint mobility and makes bones more

5. Try to spend less time on social media

The smartphone not only steals our free time, but can also make us visually older. When we are on the phone, our head tilts, wrinkles form on our neck. These wrinkles can become deeper and remain permanently on the body. To avoid this, try to keep your gadgets in front of your eyes.

6. Wash and style your hair correctly

Many people use inappropriate hair care products, rub their hair too much after washing, and often use a hairdryer. All this worsens the condition of the

Tanya Rosso

stylist-hairdresser of The Agent and WellPodium Team - Clean, shiny and well-groomed hair, the right color, transforms you and makes you visually younger. Be sure to comb your hair before washing to prevent further tangling.If you have long hair, do not wash it like the last time and lather it along its entire length. First of all, it is important to rinse your scalp. For gentle combing, be sure to use a suitable hair conditioner.

After washing, you need to properly dry your hair with a towel: do not fluff or rub your hair, but wrap the towel around it and gently blot it. If you have fine and easily tangle-free hair, apply a detangler. Use a wide-toothed comb or comb to gently comb through all the hair and distribute it as you would like it to appear in the final styling (i.e. on the face or away from the face). Form the future styling when the hair is still wet - the roots will form as needed and the styling will last until the next shampooing. At this stage, you can apply styling products and dry your head as usual - with a hairdryer or naturally.

7. Pick up facial skin care

Proper facial skin care is one of the most important factors that affects the appearance. Without the right products, the skin quickly grows dull, loses its tone and freshness. This is often due to poor ecology, stress, unhealthy diet and a large amount of decorative

Elmira Dzybova

dermatologist, surgeon-oncologist, allergist-immunologist, European Medical Center - Properly selected home care is the basis of all facial care. Without it, all professional procedures in cosmetology clinics will be ineffective. Facial products are selected individually, based on age, skin type, lifestyle, allergic reactions and skin diseases. Proper facial treatment gives a feeling of cleanliness, lightness, softness. There should be no desire to wash off the cream or apply something else on top of the cream, all sensations should be comfortable. The minimum set includes several basic tools:

cleanser - milk, gel or micellar water;

daily cream. An obligatory component of any day cream is a sunscreen factor, and additional ingredients depend on the type of skin and the problem being solved;

evening cream. Should contain the maximum amount of active ingredients.

Once a week, it is recommended to carry out a deeper cleansing of the skin with a scrub, peeling or gommage (the product is selected by a dermatologist-cosmetologist, depending on the type of skin). Apply intensive face and eye masks once a week to previously cleansed skin.

8. Eat more greens

Together with greens, chlorophyll enters our body - a substance that the plant produces with the help of sunlight. Chlorophyll contains a lot of antioxidants and beneficial salts, which make the skin glow and radiate

Irina Popova

nutritionist, reflexologist at the Austrian Health Center VerbMayr - Green plants are valued for their high chlorophyll content. Greens removes toxins and toxins, improves digestion, and helps to cleanse the body. Greens are high in healthy fiber, which is a natural prebiotic that supports healthy intestinal flora. For beautiful skin and maintaining its youth, it is just necessary to take care of the flora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Greens have an alkalizing effect on the body. Organic minerals remove excess acids from our tissues and correct the acid-base balance of the body. The supply of these minerals must be constantly replenished, which means that you need to eat a lot of greens.

9. Get enough sleep

Beauty begins with proper and healthy sleep. While a person sleeps, the body recovers and produces the hormones estrogen and progesterone - they are responsible for the healthy appearance of the skin and the balance of all systems in the body.Sleep also stabilizes and calms the nervous system, relaxes the muscles that are tight during the day - thanks to this, the body becomes less stressed the next day.

10. Minimize stress

When you’re nervous, your body’s hormonal balance is disrupted. Due to hormone surges, unpleasant skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and eczema can develop. That is why, on the eve of a responsible meeting or event, acne suddenly appears on the face or strange irritations that did not exist before. Chronic stress increases the level of cortisol in the body - this leads to loss of moisture and dullness of the skin. Due to fatigue and lack of sleep, the delicate skin around the eyes darkens, bags and bruises appear under the Related articles 7 beauty secrets from Salma Hayek, who looks 20 years younger than her age What Hollywood celebrities do to look young 4 tips to help prolong youth How to stay young: 12 simple exercises

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