Instagram Medicine Guru Turned Out To Be An Escort

Instagram Medicine Guru Turned Out To Be An Escort
Instagram Medicine Guru Turned Out To Be An Escort

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Video: Part 1 how I became a ESCORT ‼️🤦🏽‍♀️ 2022, November

More than 260 thousand people have subscribed to the Instagram account of Elena Kornilova, posing as a graduate student at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in molecular biology and conducting paid webinars on a medical topic.


An inquiry to the University of Singapore, made by one of the members of the RAS Commission on Counteracting the Falsification of Science, returned with an official reply that such a graduate student had never studied or worked there. Her claim that before the University of Singapore she managed to get a master's degree in chemistry at the University of Munich also turned out to be a lie: the official response of the Germans left no doubt about it.

The girl also claimed that she was a bachelor's degree in the Russian MAI at the Department of Aerospace Medicine and graduated from it in 2011. But in fact, this department appeared at the MAI only in 2017 - 6 years after Kornilova allegedly graduated from it.

The journalists who have studied the Instagram account of Kornilova are sure that behind "Elena Kornilova" there is a group of medical scammers who make money on human gullibility. The girl has a patented "magic procedure" for hair restoration, the recipe for which is kept secret, and the cost is about 6 thousand rubles. Kornilova is ready to host paid webinars on any topic: from pregnancy to cancer. The girl advises the regimens for taking vitamins and dietary supplements for pregnant women, people with hormonal problems, fibroids, anemia, candidiasis and tuberculosis. Assigns tests and treatment. At the same time, he writes with gross errors, including in the names of diseases.

"I am deeply studying the problems of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, I have united a group of fellow scientists in order to create a research fund, and soon we are thinking of translating it into reality." (correctly - "in reality").

All this is accompanied by photographs in model poses and the statement that the girl is the mother of a three-year-old son. Surprisingly, none of the 260 thousand subscribers of her instagram have ever asked themselves how Kornilova finds for all this time.

Kornilova's main business is the recommendation of dietary supplements, which can be bought on iHerb according to her promotional code. From this, the girl receives a percentage, which, with her number of subscribers, can be more than a million rubles a month.

Pyotr Talantov, member of the RAS Commission on Counteracting the Falsification of Science, wrote an agitated message on Facebook about the serious danger that Kornilova's advice poses to people. According to Talantov, he is sure that several dozen people, because of Kornilova's advice, could say goodbye to life.

"Among those promoted by her for pregnant women there are dietary supplements containing chromium. Supplements with chromium are not recommended for use during pregnancy! Several studies have shown that higher concentrations of chromium in the body of expectant mothers are associated with preterm birth and lower fetal weight. In the same scheme, it is present. Liver Support supplement containing the plant yellow root. This plant is rich in biologically active alkaloids, in particular berberine. Supplements with yellow root are considered dangerous for pregnant women. Berberine penetrates the placental barrier and can cause kernicterus (brain damage caused by high levels of indirect bilirubin in the blood) in the fetus. Problems may arise later with breastfeeding. In rats, berberine has also been shown to cause uterine contractions and increase the risk of tumors. " - said Talantov.

After the story about "Dr. Elena Kornilova" spilled over the borders of her Instagram, the girl was recognized. True, not as a doctor and scientist, but as an escort.According to netizens, in 2010, instead of getting an education at a non-existent department at the Moscow Aviation Institute, Kornilova offered support services.

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