Ophthalmologist: Badminton And Tennis Improve Eyesight

Ophthalmologist: Badminton And Tennis Improve Eyesight
Ophthalmologist: Badminton And Tennis Improve Eyesight

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To improve vision, you should engage in sports where you need to keep an eye on fast-moving objects, such as tennis, ping-pong, or badminton. The head of the department of ophthalmology of the Moscow city ophthalmological center of the Botkin hospital, a doctor of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences Eldar Salikhov informed about this to the Moscow City News Agency.

“Playing sports helps to preserve eyesight. Physical activity improves blood circulation, due to which there is a constant supply of oxygen and other important substances to organs and tissues. It is necessary to choose those sports where you have to keep track of objects that are constantly moving. Such sports are, for example, tennis, ping-pong or badminton,”Salikhov said.

The ophthalmologist noted that vision problems also lead to poor posture, and vice versa.

“A low tilt of the head contributes to the appearance of impaired accommodation and the progression of myopia. The wrong, unnatural posture of our body directly affects the spine, bending it. This, in turn, disrupts normal blood circulation, leads to displacement of internal organs, disrupting their natural functions. Due to the displacement of the vertebrae in the cervical and thoracic regions, problems arise with the blood supply to the brain, as a result - vision deteriorates, the circle is closed, "Salikhov explained.

He also recalled the basic rules of vision hygiene.

“You need to read and write only in good lighting, refuse to read while lying down or in transport, and when working with a monitor, the distance from it to the eyes should be 50-60 cm,” Salikhov added.

On November 11, Russia celebrates the Day of the Ophthalmologist.

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