Sleeping On Your Side Helps Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Sleeping On Your Side Helps Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Sleeping On Your Side Helps Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

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Sleep is one of the most important components of life. How long and qualitatively a person rests depends on his health, as well as his general condition during the day. Somnologist Elena Tsareva in a conversation with noted that one of the components of a good sleep is the correct body position.

According to the specialist, research by scientists has shown that during sleep, harmful metabolic products are excreted from the body, which accumulate during the day. In particular, amyloid protein. When a person sleeps on his side, the speed of this process is maximum. In the supine position, it slows down. And during rest on the stomach, it stops altogether. For this reason, as the somnologist notes, for health safety and the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer's, it is recommended to sleep on your side. And for a healthy person there is no difference - on the right or on the left. However, the second option may not be suitable for those with heart failure. The doctor did not recommend sleeping on the back for people who snore and have breathing problems during sleep. Because in this case, a person can sink the tongue and block the airways with nasal congestion.

Sleeping on your stomach not only stops the process of removing harmful metabolic products, but also adversely affects the spine, in particular in the cervical spine. Since the muscles are in an overstretched state for a long time, this position during rest can lead to hypertonia and pain. Therefore, if a person slept deeply and did not roll over on his side or back, in the morning he will feel stiffness in the neck movements. This, as Elena Tsareva notes, can lead to dizziness, high blood pressure and headaches. However, sleeping on your stomach has positive aspects as well - it helps to cope with bloating and gas formation.

How to accustom yourself to the right posture

Since a person does not control himself in a dream, it is often difficult for him to accustom himself to rest in his preferred position. However, orthopedic pillows and bolsters, which partially restrict backward flips, can help in this case. A person will be able to refuse these things in three to four weeks, when the necessary reflex is formed. There are also devices that, using vibration or electrical stimuli, "wake up" a person when he takes an unwanted posture. However, as the somnologist notes, such funds are not effective enough.

Is it good to sleep on the floor

It is widely believed that people with a crooked posture should sleep on the floor. Many argue that this method will help to cope with the problem. However, Elena Tsareva does not agree with this.

Elena Tsareva, somnologist

We strive for an orthopedic mattress shape, when independent springs (the more - the better) keep the horizontal position of the spine. In the case when a person sleeps without a mattress on the floor, his neck is thrown back and bent. I would not recommend sleeping on a hard surface. As a somnologist, I do not see any benefit of this method for sleep. Especially if the person slept all the time on a soft or medium mattress, but here he is shifted to the floor.

A chiropractor, an expert in working with the spine, Alexander Voloskov, in turn, believes that in certain cases, sleeping on the floor can really be beneficial. The impact of this method on health depends on what problem the person is facing.If his back muscles are weakened, you should rest on a soft surface, since the hard one will deform the spine and the muscles will not be able to compensate for this. In this case, the general condition of the person sleeping on the floor will worsen. If your back muscles are in good shape, you can try sleeping on a hard surface. The main thing is for a person to feel comfortable.

Alexander Voloskov, chiropractor, spine expert

The most important thing that should happen during sleep is relaxation of the deep muscles of the spine. They provide the main power for the disks. At night, they must relax and unclench so that the disc can absorb the nutrients it needs. This often does not happen. Chronic hypertonicity and tension that has accumulated during the working day do not go away - the body does not relax even at night. Someone, so that this does not happen, is suitable for sleeping on a soft surface, and for someone on a hard surface.

The chiropractor stated that a person can independently determine if sleeping on the floor is right for him. It's enough just to be guided by your feelings. At the same time, you need to understand that at some period a night's rest on a hard surface can have a positive effect on the general condition, but not at another. It depends on physical activity during the day, lifestyle, and even the time of year.

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