What Happens If You Sleep Without A Pillow

What Happens If You Sleep Without A Pillow
What Happens If You Sleep Without A Pillow

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To the question of what will happen if you sleep without using a pillow, only an expert can competently answer, namely, a doctor of the appropriate qualifications - an orthopedist, somnologist, neurophysiologist, etc. Many domestic and foreign experts have studied the effect of the absence of a pillow on sleep: Michael Tetley, Elena Tsareva, Denis Gross and others. They all agreed on one thing: there are cases when the absence of a pillow has a positive effect on health, and there are cases of a “reverse” effect, that is, harm. In medicine, there are cases when it is strongly recommended to sleep without using a pillow - on a flat surface (mattress). So, for a newborn up to 1-2 months, it is recommended not to tuck anything under the head during sleep. This advice allows you not to interfere with the active formation of the spine at this age. It is believed that the spine is still so weak that it can bend easily enough.


When is it bad to sleep without a pillow?

Starting from 1 year of age, this sleeping accessory must be used, otherwise, if it is not available, the following health problems may soon appear:

discomfort is one of the smallest disadvantages of not having such an important sleep item;

chronic lack of sleep, lethargy, decreased concentration, general breakdown (the mattress is usually harder than the pillow, therefore it does not provide that comfort during sleep, contributes to the occurrence of a large number of symptoms of malaise, as a result of which - the lack of normal functioning);

snoring (when the head is on a flat surface for a long time, the airway lumen changes, narrows, as a result of which the risk of snoring increases);

osteochondrosis (an even bed is a provocateur for the development of this ailment, it is especially dangerous to sleep without a pillow for those who already have back problems);

ischemic stroke (the disease occurs because in the absence of a sleeping accessory, the position of the spine becomes incorrect, blood does not flow through the arteries, and starvation occurs).

Lack of bedding can also affect a person's appearance. With an even position during sleep, not only a wrinkled appearance may appear, but also wrinkles. Doctors are confident that not only the lack of an accessory for sleeping can provoke health problems, but also an incorrectly selected pillow. It should not be too soft, but not too hard. Also, the most "useful" for the spine are sleeping cushions or orthopedic pillows, on which the spine is located in the correct anatomical position.

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