Why "sleeping" Is Actually Impossible

Why "sleeping" Is Actually Impossible
Why "sleeping" Is Actually Impossible

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Mikhail Poluektov

somnologist, candidate of medical sciences, Sechenov Medical Academy - The feeling that occurs after waking up from a long sleep (weakness, lack of assembly, stunnedness) is not oversleeping, but a manifestation of "sleep inertia" (sleep does not stop instantly in order to fully wake up, we need up to 30 minutes).

Long periods of sleep usually do not cause headaches. Most often, there are two reasons - either cervical osteochondrosis (more correctly - muscular-tonic or myofascial syndrome of the neck muscles) against the background of an uncomfortable position of the head during sleep, or a nighttime lack of oxygen in people with snoring and respiratory arrest during sleep (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome). The latter is most often affected by obese men.

Sleep is considered excessive if it exceeds 9 hours. Although people with prolonged sleep are more likely to be diagnosed with various diseases, it is unclear whether sleep itself contributes to this or whether such people simply need more time to recover. The latter is more likely. Photo: flickr.com

Elena Tsareva

somnologist, head of the sleep service "Unison" - "Sleeping" is quite difficult, unlike "lack of sleep". The body, as a rule, does not store sleep for future use. But waking up in the wrong phase of sleep and getting the feeling of a "heavy head" is easy. In this case, we are dealing with sleep inertia that can be dealt with.

How to cheer up after waking up:

wash yourself with cold water;

take a contrast shower;

Drink a cup of coffee (another caffeinated beverage or take a caffeine pill)

use light therapy (the brighter the light, white, blue or natural, the more effective);

aerobic exercise will help increase your heart rate and body temperature (the lower the heart rate and temperature, the more sleepiness).

These methods have shown great efficiency in experiments..com

Elena Tsareva

somnologist, head of sleep services "Unison" - If the situation when you sleep too much repeats itself often, you need to understand why this happens. Perhaps the reason for this is poor sleep quality, depression or irregular sleep times. A somnologist will help here. Sometimes it is enough to have a conversation with the clarification of the features of the regime and the calculation of sleep time. For this, a sleep diary is filled in. Sleep research - polysomnography - is useful. Photo: cliniqueronflement.com Related articles Why sleep is more important than food The golden mean: how much you need to eat, sleep and sunbathe to be healthy In what positions you can sleep, and in which it is better not to Why you need to go to bed early

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