Autumn Beriberi Does Not Exist, There Is Seasonal Blues

Autumn Beriberi Does Not Exist, There Is Seasonal Blues
Autumn Beriberi Does Not Exist, There Is Seasonal Blues

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Autumn is not only "a dull time, charm of the eyes". It is also a breakdown and a time of some unreasonable sadness. Many call this condition "autumn avitaminosis". But is it?


First, let's figure out the concept itself. Avitaminosis is the absence in the body of certain vitamins necessary for normal functioning. The cause of the disease lies in malnutrition. If vitamin deficiency is not treated, it can result in serious sores - scurvy (in the absence of vitamin C), rickets (in the absence of vitamin D), and so on.

But is the term "vitamin deficiency" applicable to autumn?

- As a rule, vitamin deficiency occurs in the spring, when after winter the body lacks vitamins. Even the fruits and vegetables we eat in spring are less rich in minerals than in summer. In winter, they lose their properties. Summer is truly a golden time, when the human body is most saturated with the whole complex of vitamins. Eats a lot of natural fruits and vegetables. Therefore, in the fall, vitamin deficiency simply cannot be, - says nutritionist Alexey Dobrovolsky. - The condition that someone called "autumn avitaminosis" is a banal seasonal blues, depression. Its cause is a purely psychological factor. The summer time is over, the days are getting shorter, the vacation is somewhere behind the back, working days begin. For many, because of this, depression begins, a reluctance to rebuild, and as a result, the state of the body worsens.


The first sign of seasonal blues is a change in skin condition. Inflammation, peeling, rash, irritation, and more. Unless, of course, there are no auxiliary factors for this. For example, they bought a new cream, and an allergy began to it. The second thing that requires attention is hair and nails. Soft and brittle nails and split ends also indicate that you are stressed. And the reason for this in the literal sense of the word lies in your head.

This includes the deterioration of the general condition of the body: irritability, increased fatigue, impaired appetite, sleep, attention.


Many people believe that in the cold season, you need to switch to fatty foods. Is this true or myth? We ask a nutritionist.

- First, you need to stop being nervous and cheating yourself. It's time to accept that summer is gone, a new season has begun, and there is no less wonderful and interesting time ahead. Secondly, a good way to get rid of the autumn depression and blues is to go in for sports, go to courses, open a dusty library, says Dobrovolsky. - As for the transition to fatty foods in the fall, this is a myth. You can change your diet, for example, there are hot soups, cereals. That is, if in the summer you can hold out on one salad, then in the fall it is better to use full-fledged side dishes with cereals. It is necessary to switch to fatty foods in winter, when frosts begin and the body needs additional energy for heat.

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