Why Antibiotics Are Prescribed If They Don't Cure COVID-19

Why Antibiotics Are Prescribed If They Don't Cure COVID-19
Why Antibiotics Are Prescribed If They Don't Cure COVID-19

Video: Why Antibiotics Are Prescribed If They Don't Cure COVID-19

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In particular, the head of the department for the organization of emergency medical care and health risk management of the Ministry of Health Inna called the situation with antibiotics very difficult. And this despite the fact that with coronavirus infection, these drugs are useless. Then the question remains quite logical: why, then, are the Russians sweeping them off the shelves en masse?


According to therapist Varvara Veretyuk, the increased demand for antibiotics can be explained by the fact that nosocomial treatment regimens at one time "migrated" to the people. And this is where a serious problem lurks. Its essence is that such schemes are drawn up for hospitalized patients and are absolutely not suitable for home treatment.

The expert emphasizes that viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics. Moreover, antibiotics in some cases can pose a health hazard. And in this regard, the only possible exception may be azithromycin (an antimicrobial drug from the macrolide group), which is included in the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. However, even so, its effectiveness has not yet been proven, reminds Varvara Veretyuk.


“Now a global study is underway to study the effectiveness of azithromycin in mild and moderate forms of coronavirus infection, the recruitment of patients to the group ended on September 30. We do not yet know the results, we do not know whether its effectiveness will be confirmed, or we will be disappointed in it, just as we were disappointed in hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir and ritonavir - these drugs are not suitable for treating covid at home, moreover, their use can be dangerous ", - quotes the specialist 74.ru.

According to information provided by DSM Group, between January 6 and October 11, about 23.6 million packages of azithromycin were sold in Russia. This figure is 57% more than last year.

As stated in the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, with regard to azithromycin, there is "evidence of increased effectiveness against COVID-19 when used together with hydroxychloroquine."


At the same time, side effects are also indicated here: in particular, we are talking about the fact that the use of the drug can lead to impaired vision, hearing, and also cause a rash, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other ailments.

It is contraindicated in severe hepatic or renal impairment and in pregnancy. With particular attention, this drug is prescribed to patients with cardiac arrhythmias, and ideally it is necessary to check the ECG before prescribing it.

It is important to understand that thoughtless use of drugs can aggravate the severity of the condition and cause even greater harm to health.


The famous doctor Evgeny Komarovsky shared his opinion on pneumonia and antibiotic treatment on his YouTube channel. According to the doctor, in most cases, the use of the drug is not required.

“The topic of pneumonia and antibiotics has escalated, and, given the coronavirus, it almost threatens the health of a huge number of people. Pneumonia or pneumonia is the presence of an inflammatory process in the lung tissue. The very word "pneumonia" does not say who is to blame. There is an inflammatory process in the lungs, the cause of which may be an infection or exposure to a chemical, toxic substance,”the expert said.

As a rule, when we say the combination "pneumonia", we mean some kind of infectious process. However, it is worth noting that lung inflammation can be viral and bacterial.

It is important to understand that antibiotics are used to treat bacterial pneumonia.And by itself the word "pneumonia" is not a diagnosis, and it is imperative to understand what kind of pneumonia it is.


In the process of treating coronavirus on an outpatient basis, mistakes are often made, due to which not only the effectiveness of therapy decreases. As mentioned above, rash steps can cause serious health deterioration. Doctors unanimously declare: there are a number of drugs that are used only for their intended purpose.

In particular, immunologist Maria Polner said that the most common mistake is the uncontrolled use of immunomodulators.

“Patients believe that since there is an“immuno”prefix, it means that the drug is definitely useful and does not cause any harm. But this is not the case. It is impossible to simulate only part of the immunity, this can entail consequences, for example, in the form of the development or exacerbation of autoimmune diseases, "the expert explained in a conversation with Gazeta.ru.


In addition, according to the doctor, it often happens that at the first symptoms of the disease, patients are in a hurry to take antibacterial agents.

“And they do it uncontrollably, because of which resistance (resistance) of pathogenic bacteria can develop, and when there is really an urgent need, antibiotics may be powerless,” the immunologist noted.

“The indications for the use of antibiotics for covid are only clinical and laboratory signs of a bacterial infection. It is impossible to determine this independently - only a doctor can do it,”sums up the Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, leading scientific editor of Vrachu.ru Mikhail Kagan.

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