Scientific Ways To Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

Scientific Ways To Help You Fall Asleep Quickly
Scientific Ways To Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

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Modern society has many problems and challenges that need to be addressed. At the fast pace of life, it is important to be able to rest and get enough sleep. We tell in the material about life hacks that will help you fall asleep quickly.


Take a warm shower an hour or two before bed. If you don't have the strength to do this, make a foot bath. Doctors recommend splashing for 20-30 minutes. According to scientific research, people who are warmed up relax and fall asleep faster.

Ventilate the room. So especially heat-sensitive cells in the brain will trigger the mechanism of falling asleep in the body. If you take a shower or take a warm bath before that, the drop in body temperature will occur faster and you will want to sleep even more.

A cup of warmed milk or herbal tea will not only warm you but also help you relax. According to physiologists, chamomile tea is especially effective against mild insomnia. You will have to give up tea and coffee before bed. They not only invigorate, but also have a diuretic effect. The same goes for alcohol.

Try melatonin. It is not necessary to buy dietary supplements, you can include bananas, oranges, tomatoes, cherries, cow's milk, rice or even oatmeal in the evening menu.

Forget about gadgets before bed. Light is known to suppress the body's natural production of melatonin and increase cortisol levels that make you sleepy.

Lavender can help fight insomnia. Place a bag of this plant's inflorescence under the pillow or smell the scent of the essential oil. The main thing is that there is no allergy.

An unusual solution to the problem was put forward by Rachel Marie E. Salas, MD, professor of neurology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She suggested blowing bubbles before bed. In her opinion, this breathing exercise calms the body and mind.

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