How To Set A Guinness Record In Sports? Personal Experience Of The Athlete Sergei Skolsky

How To Set A Guinness Record In Sports? Personal Experience Of The Athlete Sergei Skolsky
How To Set A Guinness Record In Sports? Personal Experience Of The Athlete Sergei Skolsky

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Sergei Skolsky did the most squats with extra body weight.


Setting a record is not an easy task for an athlete. Sergei Skolsky shares his personal experience with the readers of the Championship.

I, a two-time world champion in powerlifting, will tell you how I set the Guinness record in the category "Maximum squat with extra body weight" (my weight was 95 kg, I had to squat with 100 kg).

The very idea to set the Guinness Record came in the summer, in July 2020. In the midst of the pandemic, when almost everything in Russia was closed, the idea arose to try to break someone's record related to squats, because I have dominant hips. Looking in the Guinness Book of Records, I found the record for "maximum squat with extra body weight" that was suitable for me. In it, not only the strength of the legs is important, but also a high level of strength endurance. Muscles begin to acidify strongly with multiple repetitions, taking into account the limited time.

I applied for the record in September and waited 3.5 months for the application to be processed. In early December, I received a positive response to my attempt to update the record, and I set myself the goal of setting a new one in early February.

Since September, I began to smoothly prepare. Scheduled a training cycle of four months so that you can get to the peak of February. He started with a 50 kg barbell for 60 reps in one set, without time fixing. Gradually, every week, I increased the weight on the barbell more and more and noted the time. I also added auxiliary exercises: lunges with a barbell in the hall, isolated exercises for the buttocks and hips, additionally connected more stretches (15-20 minutes after strength training). This is necessary for the ligaments and joints - stretching helps the muscles maintain elasticity and improves the tone of the whole body, and most importantly, significantly reduces the risk of injury. I only realized the value of stretching after I got a lumbar hernia from my previous squat records. At that time, I practically did not stretch and did not monitor my health so carefully, considered myself a "demigod" and thought that I would definitely not be affected by injury.

After three months of preparation, I was already confident in conquering the record. In training, my best result was 40 reps in 55 seconds. Then I was very pleased with it, but there was one problem. The next day, after my "record attempt", discomfort began in both knee joints. I was aware that this could arise at any moment. Over time, the body wears out and gives signals so as not to overload and get more time to recover. Unfortunately, time was running out. I initially decided on the date, I didn't want to stray from it.

In the last two weeks before the record, I gave my hips a full rest and continued to train only the top and stretching. I added bath procedures twice a week: three sets of 15 minutes each at a temperature of 90 ° C. This helped to restore the knees and back.

On the day of the record, I felt confident, tried to be calm, so as not to expose the body to severe stress and excitement. At the time of setting the record, there were two timekeepers, fitness experts and witnesses, cameras and a strict timer were located nearby to clearly record the time. All this is necessary to establish a record in the Guinness Book of Records.

I was able to complete 37 reps, which was three reps higher than the result of the previous record holder, a resident of India, Kapil Kumaru.After trying, having rested, I scolded myself a little that I had not endured a little and had not done it in 40+ reps, although I still had strength. I just didn't have enough time - I did the repetitions a little slower, I was very worried about my knees.

Nevertheless, in this way the Guinness record was set, now I will wait for a "certificate from London", and I wish the readers of the "Championship" to achieve their goals and strive to achieve them.

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