To Drink Or Not To Drink: Golikova Got Confused In Alcohol Restrictions

To Drink Or Not To Drink: Golikova Got Confused In Alcohol Restrictions
To Drink Or Not To Drink: Golikova Got Confused In Alcohol Restrictions

Video: To Drink Or Not To Drink: Golikova Got Confused In Alcohol Restrictions

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Around the coronavirus vaccine, there were already many legends, as well as frankly ominous rumors. And then the situation was clouded by an absentee discussion that broke out between the Deputy Prime Minister, curator of the medical industry Tatyana Golikova and the head of the Gamaleya Center, Academician Alexander Gintsburg. I mean, the head of the group that created the Sputnik V vaccine in the bowels of its institute.

At first, Tatyana Golikova intrigued and even alerted most of our male population, confidentially informing that after the completion of the second stage of vaccination, it is necessary to abstain from alcohol for 42 days. Naturally, a reasonable question immediately arose as to why it is necessary to observe the dry law for exactly how long, and not 30 or even 50 days. Who counted the days until breaking fast?

But, apparently, the official took as a basis the period of time during which it was previously recommended that the vaccinated continue to wear masks and refrain from appearing in public places, that is, continue to observe all precautions until the desired immunity is developed.

Needless to say, how much such a restriction alerted Russians, given that opinion polls have not shown a massive desire to be vaccinated anyway. And many respondents do not really believe in the very fact of a pandemic at all. At the same time, there is a directly opposite opinion, whose "troubadour" at one time was later recovered from COVID-19, Alexander Lukashenko, who called for the fight against the virus with vodka, baths and hockey.

And then Alexander Gintsburg, without looking at the administrative authorities, reassured his compatriots, allowing them to raise their glasses a few days after vaccination. Like, one should not lean on alcohol only immediately after a life-saving injection.

And just the day before, Tatyana Golikova, having mercy, allowed to celebrate the vaccination with a good glass in a few days.

Such competent discord will drive anyone crazy. And most importantly, the very fact of the lack of coordination of such important statements is striking. Indeed, around the coronavirus and its effects on the body, there are already a large number of statements that contradict one another.

Someone calls to charge the body with vitamin D, someone - to intensively consume onions, peppers and garlic. There is already a "sect" of regular washing of the nasopharynx with Miramistin. Some believe in the all-conquering power of "Arbidol", others deny the healing power of "Kagocel", although they have already managed to introduce words about its effect on the virus into the advertisement of this drug. And everyone is urged not to start taking antibiotics without a doctor's prescription, although they are already not available in pharmacies.

All this whistle is only intensifying day by day, despite assurances that, thanks to total vaccination, the whole country will acquire stable immunity. And against such a background, any discord only reinforces the general skepticism. And our people will always have time to drink.

So I would like to finally hear a balanced, verified, experimentally confirmed position of both the authorities and scientists. But still ahead of us are investigations on an extremely delicate topic: who, first of all, from the powers that be was vaccinated and what vaccine - the domestic "Sputnik V" or still a drug from Pfizer.

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