Manturov: The Release Of Most Drugs Will Triple

Manturov: The Release Of Most Drugs Will Triple
Manturov: The Release Of Most Drugs Will Triple

Video: Manturov: The Release Of Most Drugs Will Triple

Video: RBC TV channel interview with Industry Minister Denis Manturov Full HD 2022, November

“We will more than triple the volume of most drugs in November-December. First of all, this concerns scarce drugs. This, in particular, the antibiotic Azithromycin, a Russian analogue of the imported Sumamed, which we already produce 11 This is the drug Levofloxacin (an analogue of the imported antibiotic Tavanik), produced in Russia by sixteen companies. Also, these are three domestic drugs of the same therapeutic effect: Favipiravir, Coronavir and Areplivir, "Manturov said.

According to him, at the moment, special emphasis is placed on providing free medicines to citizens undergoing outpatient treatment. He noted that together with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the total need of all regions for such drugs was digitized. "The current production volumes, as well as imports, cover those applications of drugs for both outpatient and hospital links," Denis Manturov assured.

He explained that in order to simplify the subjects of work and prioritize the procurement of antikoid medicines, the applications have been assigned a digital, recognizable, budget code.

The minister also drew the attention of the head of state to the fact that if a relatively objective picture of the forecast demand for medical institutions has already been collected, then it is almost impossible to add it up by retail. "Especially considering the fact that many prescription drugs are dispensed without a doctor's prescription," he stressed.

According to him, therefore, the task of intensively increasing the production of drugs, despite the risks of overproduction, is set in such a way that the guaranteed saturation of the pharmacy segment occurs regardless of the current situation. "In order to more efficiently ship goods to consumers, manufacturers are switching to direct deliveries to medical institutions and retail, bypassing the distribution link. In the last two weeks alone, pharmaceutical companies, in total, have increased output by another 40% across the entire range," the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

"According to nasal Interferon, just yesterday a new line was launched in Moscow, doubling the total production of the drug in the country as a whole. Medicines against the cytokine storm (occurs during coronavirus infection - RG) are Olokizumab and Levilimab, which we started producing in May, the regions practically did not order until October. Now, against the background of increasing demand, companies are urgently increasing their volumes. In addition, at the end of last month, the Ministry of Health included seven more drugs in the treatment regimen, and we also received an additional request for them, "the minister said.

He also recalled that it is planned to cover the needs for medicines not only at the expense of its own production, but also at the expense of partially imported supplies of drugs.

According to him, in order to fulfill it, its own production will be combined in different proportions with foreign supplies. For example, Manturov cited the example of the antibiotic Moxifloxacin; by the end of the year, domestic production will reach the production of half a million packages per month, another 310 thousand packages will be replenished through imports. “According to Hydroxychloroquine, back in the summer we had a substantial stock of more than 200 thousand packages, which lay in warehouses from June to October. All this time no one needed it, and then it was all gone in two weeks. Considering the request of the healthcare system We have already resumed the production of this drug, and by the end of the year we will make about 180 thousand packages and have planned purchases in India, but in foreign packages.According to the same scheme, which was tested back in the spring, we will provide hospital and outpatient segments with other drugs that are not produced in our country,”summed up Denis Manturov.

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