How Does Halle Berry Train?

How Does Halle Berry Train?
How Does Halle Berry Train?

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The actress is already 51, but she has the body of a 20-year-old girl. Holly's personal trainer shared the rules of her training that allowed her to achieve such impressive results. Let's tell the details!


The actress does not sit idly by and began to prepare for the season of open dresses in advance: in January of this year, she launched a marathon on her Instagram account, which is held under the hashtag #FitnessFriday. Every Friday, the actress posts photos of her week's workout results and shares useful sports tips.

The goal of this marathon is to inspire people to play sports. “Today you must decide that you are worthy of it. Trust me, I know that it is difficult to find time to work on yourself every day, but 24 hours in a day is enough to set aside at least one hour and devote it to yourself! ", - wrote the actress in one of the first posts.

But in the fight for a slim and healthy body, Holly does not act alone - she is helped by her personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas, who shared the secrets of her training. Holly trains five times a week, and according to the trainer, all classes are similar to military training.

Rule 1 - choose the right exercises

Peter said that the actress loves to train the buttocks and legs, as well as do push-ups.

Rule 2 - Choose Exercises That Boost Your Metabolism

Holly prefers jogging for short distances: metabolism becomes faster, but the risk of damage to joints and knees is minimal.

Rule 3 - diversify your workouts

The actress's personal trainer mentioned that she alternates standard workouts with different types of martial arts: boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Rule 4 - combine sports with proper nutrition

Holly adheres to the ketogenic diet that her trainer recommended: it is optimal in accordance with the actress's level of physical activity. The basis of her diet is fats, proteins in moderation and a minimum of carbohydrates.

Have you already started to play sports on the eve of summer?

Photo source: @halleberry

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