Jennifer Lopez In Shape And At 50. Special Workouts Were Developed For Her

Jennifer Lopez In Shape And At 50. Special Workouts Were Developed For Her
Jennifer Lopez In Shape And At 50. Special Workouts Were Developed For Her

Video: Jennifer Lopez In Shape And At 50. Special Workouts Were Developed For Her

Video: Jennifer Lopez - WORKOUT MOTIVATION 2022, November

Jennifer began her career as a dancer, and on the threshold of her 30th birthday she became famous with the release of the album On the 6. Then the fifth point of J.Lo became the standard, and since then the figure of the singer and actress is always a cause for discussion and admiration.


The American continues to train hard, and with age she does even more than at the beginning of her career, when she only had enough dance training. Now she is actively working with two mentors at once - the famous Tracy Anderson and the equally famous star mentor David Kirsch, who watches over the figure of Margot Robbie and Kate Upton.

Tracy Anderson is the inventor of his own training method. The essence of her method is to work with small weights with a large number of repetitions in one set (from 60 to 100). At the same time, the exercises are constantly changing so that the body does not have time to get used to the stress.

Tracy developed a program for J.Lo targeting the muscles of the core, hips and legs. The singer performs them 4 times a week, devoting to training for an hour a day in the morning.

“I train with Tracy three to five times a week and do choreography as often as time permits,” says J. Lo about his sports routine.

Tracy Anderson is not a supporter of diets and recommends that her wards eat everything, but within reason. Jennifer, on the other hand, has been an opponent of sugar and salt for many years.

“Jennifer's diet is very clean,” says Tracy Anderson. - She eats only fresh food, because she needs high-quality fuel for her body. There is a lot of protein, fiber in her diet, it is very well thought out."

The singer's diet is based on vegetables and fruits, but she can afford a small portion of "not the healthiest food." Most recently, the 49-year-old star on her Instagram launched a 10-day challenge to cut out carbs and sugars to motivate her fans to eat healthier foods, and is also actively promoting caffeine and alcohol cessation.

Nutritionist Hailey Pomeroy, who has worked with the singer for several years, said that Lopez's diet consists of lean proteins, non-starchy vegetables, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, which she gets from brown rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes. Angeles to New York, then runs under the direction of David Hirsch, who is renowned for his ability to build the perfect abs.

Favorite exercise of David himself is the "Spider-Man push-up". Doing these hemispheric push-ups develops a lot of muscles, he says, and can be done as a full-fledged upper body workout.

“I love working with Tracy and David. Their methods are completely different, and I like to switch from one program to another,”says the singer.

David also loads the star with bodyweight exercises and various plyometric exercise options.

The most effective exercise for constructing the fifth point "like Lopez" David Kirsch calls the so-called "platypus walk". It is almost impossible to describe this exercise. Just watch the video.

David often arranges circuit training for the 49-year-old singer with elements of kickboxing and other martial arts, and also actively gives her exercises from the CrossFit arsenal using kettlebells and other non-standard weights.

“Dancing has always been a big part of my life,” says J. Lo. - I always enjoy the movement. I believe that if you take care of yourself and stay healthy, you can better take care of those who are dear to you.Therefore, I always put training on my list of priorities."

I must say that Jennifer definitely looks healthier and more attractive than the vast majority of women even 15 years younger than her. Apparently, the hot Latin American woman has already revealed the secret of eternal youth - proper nutrition, exercise and the ability to combine all this with daily activities.

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