Jennifer Lopez's Real Figure

Jennifer Lopez's Real Figure
Jennifer Lopez's Real Figure

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This singer is known not only for her innate talents, but also for her very strong will, because for her 50 years old she looks simply breathtaking. She does not hide that this is the merit of strict diets and regular training, but genetics has a place to be. Not every woman is able to have this potential for physical activity in middle age. Thousands of young girls dream of such a figure and want to unravel the "secret" of the figure. The woman does not hide the fact that in the gym she is a real workaholic.

“I am 100% convinced that training makes me happy. And I truly believe that if you take care of yourself and look after your health, you have more strength to take care of those you love. So playing sports is a priority for me."

Not so long ago, it was reported that Jay Lo's fitness program was developed by a famous trainer named David Kirsch. He shared that the singer trains at least three to four times a week. However, it turned out that there is another trainer named Tracy Andreson. Both have completely different approaches to J.Lo's training. Kirsch demands a grueling-intensive program from his clients to achieve results in a short time frame. His training with her lasts no more than an hour. He shared a few secrets that you can read below.

Wide Leg Squat - 20 reps Jennifer does them with a barbell or other weight.

Lunges - 20 reps

Ball plank - 30 seconds.

Side lunges - 20 reps

Dumbbell Bent Over Extension - 20 reps per arm.

Touching the opposite shoulder with the hand while standing in the plank. Kirsch advises novice athletes to perform this exercise for two minutes. Jennifer does it in five minutes.

Side Plank - One minute per side.

Also, do not forget that the effectiveness of training is achieved with proper nutrition. A person should not eat a lot of carbohydrates and radically give up sweets.

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