J. Lo - 50! The Secret Of Her Beauty Is A New Diet, Workout And Love

J. Lo - 50! The Secret Of Her Beauty Is A New Diet, Workout And Love
J. Lo - 50! The Secret Of Her Beauty Is A New Diet, Workout And Love

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Today one of the most attractive women on the planet - Jennifer Lopez - turns 50! This is hard to believe, especially if you look at her performances and concert costumes. How does she manage to look so adorable?

A beautiful figure and appearance cannot be the result of some one-sided work. You can't help but monitor your diet, take care of your hair, but go to the gym - (take a picture with a cocktail, as many do!) And at the same time look stunning. Beauty and a slender body is always a complex work, sometimes not easy, but the result is definitely worth the sacrifices! If you need proof, take a look at singer, actress and simply stunning woman Jennifer Lopez. Today she turned 50, and this figure is extremely difficult to believe. It is a comprehensive approach to your body (and life in general!) That is the key to her beauty and youth.

Diet According to the assurances of nutritionists and nutritionists working with Jennifer, the singer eats very well. For many years, the star has been an ardent opponent of salt and sugar, chooses only fresh products (and this is reasonable, what quality of energy the body receives depends on this factor), and in general, her diet is well thought out.

Nutritionist Haley Pomeroy, author of the bestselling Metabolic Boost Diet, once worked with Lopez and says that J.Lo's diet contains lean proteins, complex carbohydrates (brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes), healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables. At the same time, Lopez, like all people, can sometimes afford a small portion of something "not the most healthy" (many nutritionists, by the way, approve of this). Jennifer advocates giving up bad habits - smoking and drinking alcohol (and even coffee!), Which have an extremely negative effect on female beauty. J. Lo tries to sleep for at least 8 hours - quality sleep increases efficiency and improves complexion.

Physical activity From the age of five, the future star began to dance, and at the age of seven she already gave performances with the school team. In general, the whole life of Lopez is somehow connected with sports. She did gymnastics, jogging and much more. It was thanks to the dancing that she made her way to the top - plasticity, charisma and artistry helped her to become noticed during her performances with the Fly Girl troupe.

Today, 50-year-old Lopez is training even more than before. The star does not hide that she devotes to training in the gym from 3 to 5 times a week, and if she has time, she adds dances (recently, for the sake of a new role, she also mastered pole dancing, how not to admire this beauty?). For Jennifer, the best coaches make up the training complexes, although since her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, a professional baseball player, became her fiancé, Lopez may well do without them (the couple visit the gym even at night, relieving stress!).

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And this is what the perfect buttock exercise that trainer David Kirsch suggests. It is called "platypus walk", it looks funny and at the same time very effective! We take on arms and buy Jennifer's style leggies - it motivates!

Men and love And of course, a figure is a figure, and a loving man next to him is a guarantee of excellent posture, sparkle in the eyes and excellent women's health. Jennifer was married three times (her third marriage to singer Mark Anthony was crowned with the birth of twins - son Max and daughter Emma), in the ranks of her boyfriends and Sean Cobbs (known as Pi Diddy), and actor Ben Affleck (how good he was until he began to fill alcohol!), and a few more nice guys. Today Jennifer is happy with Alex Rodriguez, who has already proposed to her.Let's wish the star well-being and good physical shape - I really want to get to her concert!

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