What Folk Remedies Are Effective For Female Diseases?

What Folk Remedies Are Effective For Female Diseases?
What Folk Remedies Are Effective For Female Diseases?

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The reasons why traditional medicine is so rich in remedies for the treatment of female diseases are quite understandable. Humanity has always been sick - and the methods of treatment have been used for thousands of years from those that were at hand. Herbs, infusions and decoctions from them, steam baths and water treatment. Some of these methods have proven to be effective, while others today seem absurd. We figure out what can be adopted and what methods are better to forget forever.


Herbal steam bath

Traditional medicine offers this method for many female ailments, while the choice of herb depends on the disease. From chamomile or lavender to rare and exotic. It is assumed that this can cure inflammation of the female organs, painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome - and even, if you try, from infertility.

The real benefits of steam baths

Herbs can really help - they are high in essential oils that have antiseptic or soothing properties. The recovery of some diseases can be accelerated by using herbal steam baths, and the likelihood of relapses is reduced. But we must not forget about the main thing: this method should be used only when the main treatment course has already been completed. In other words, baths can be considered only as an auxiliary or rehabilitative treatment, but not in the form of the main method of action.

In acute inflammatory processes, it is absolutely impossible to use it - any heating contributes to an increase in blood flow. The vessels at such a moment expand, which means that the infection will spread throughout the body faster, which is unlikely to lead to recovery.

Alternative methods to baths

Other non-drug modern methods of treatment can be more effective than steam baths - in any case, you need to accurately understand the causes of a particular disease, and not relieve symptoms. So, for example, painful menstruation can indicate at the same time several ailments of the female sphere - and they need to be treated.

Of those that have proven their effectiveness, magnetotherapy is mentioned more often than others: the organs of the small pelvis are influenced through the anterior abdominal wall. The magnet helps relieve inflammation, improves blood flow in this area and relieves pain perfectly.

Yogurt applications against thrush in the form of tampons

This method is considered effective, since the beneficial bacteria in the composition of fermented milk products successfully treat candidiasis, improving at the same time the vaginal microflora.

The real benefits of such applications

To begin with, the tampon is usually taken non-sterile, which is unlikely to be useful. After insertion into the vagina, it can further aggravate the already existing inflammatory process - at least by the fact that it will be oxidized.

As for probiotics, they are really useful, but they need to be eaten, not used in applications. The concentration of probiotics should be high, that is, it is best to take the drug at a pharmacy, there will not be too much sense from ordinary kefir. This kind of disease is usually of a systemic nature, therefore, the microflora of not only the vagina, but also the intestine should be treated, and for local use, sterile suppositories with a disinfecting effect should be preferred.

The presence of an infection in the vagina always requires first getting rid of harmful microorganisms - dysbiosis should be cured and confirmed by a doctor. Only after that does it make sense to populate beneficial bacteria - otherwise, any actions will be in vain.

Coconut oil as a natural lubricant

Vaginal dryness can be a problem at any age - after childbirth, for example, hormonal levels are often such that there is not enough natural lubrication. In a woman, this deficiency causes irritation of the genitals, discomfort during lovemaking. The symptom may worsen with age or be a congenital feature of the body. Coconut oil is loved by many as an additional lubricant during intimacy.

The real benefits of coconut oil for sex

The oil is really effective and suitable for everyone as it is hypoallergenic. The natural product does not form a fatty film on the surface of the genital organs, is quickly absorbed, moisturizes mucous membranes and soothes microcracks. The only condition is that you need to buy only high-quality coconut oil without fragrances and additional components and do not use it with latex products - it is better to take a water-based lubricant to lubricate the condom.

Herbal medicine for hormonal replacement with menopause

Some plants contain substances that can replenish the female sex hormones estrogens. For this reason, traditional medicine prescribes herbal medicine as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy, in which patients are given synthetic hormones.

The real benefits of herbal medicine in cases like this

These drugs are really helpful. They have a positive effect on the female body: blood clots are formed less, metabolism and fat metabolism are regulated, and the emotional state becomes more stable and better.

It should be understood that the effect of plant estrogens is sometimes impossible to accurately dose and their effect in any case will be hundreds of times lower than hormones in pharmaceutical preparations. For this reason, phytoestrogens cannot be a complete substitute for hormonal therapy. They can be considered as an additive in the prevention of early menopause, but it is still not worth taking herbal preparations for any purpose without consulting a doctor.

Lemon juice as a contraceptive

A favorite remedy of our mothers and grandmothers - according to legend, douching with lemon juice immediately after intimacy helps to avoid unwanted pregnancy: in an acidic environment, sperm die.

The Real Benefits of Lemon Juice for Douching

The sad abortion statistics of the last century suggest that this method has not helped generations of women so well. Douching can only be carried out with drugs - when using lemon juice for these purposes, there is a non-illusory risk of getting a mucosal burn, which will provoke inflammation.

Vegetable juices with wine for breast tumors

A popular folk remedy for mastopathy is a mixture of honey, lemon juices, radishes, carrots and beets and Cahors. It is believed that if you take this mix before meals, the tumor will completely dissolve.

The real benefits of the method

No reasonable explanation can be found. Mastopathy is caused by hormonal imbalances - and no food methods can solve it. Moreover, self-medication by any methods may be in this case simply dangerous for a woman and therefore unacceptable.

For treatment, you need to choose a scheme in which several specialists will be involved at once: gynecologist, neurologist, therapist, endocrinologist. She is selected strictly individually and after a thorough examination.

Douching chamomile for pelvic inflammatory disease

Chamomile is considered a powerful antiseptic and is often used to treat inflammation, including vaginal douching.

The real benefits of douching with chamomile infusion

This treatment is likely to cause more harm than good.The "sterility" of tampons was mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and douching promotes the spread of infection, since the solution enters the vagina under pressure, albeit small. Microorganisms will simply rise higher up to and into the cervix.

Anti-erosion tampons with Kalanchoe juice

Tampons soaked in a mixture of Kalanchoe juice and honey are placed in the cervical region, it is believed that this helps to cure erosion.

The real benefits of the method

Even if we omit the fact that in many countries, cervical erosion is not considered a disease that needs to be treated in any of the ways, this method can be used by women only with reservations. The introduction of any tampons is possible only by a specialist in a sterile room. These precautions are necessary because the process must be monitored with gynecological mirrors, and the cervix will be exposed. In any case, such treatment can only be concomitant - the question of the advisability of preliminary moxibustion or other therapy should be decided by a specialist after examination and analysis.

Early breakfast with severe morning toxicosis

Many believe that pregnant women should eat something right after waking up in order to relieve symptoms of toxicosis and avoid discomfort.

The benefits of breakfast for toxicosis

The manifestation of this unpleasant symptom in the morning is primarily associated with a sharp drop in blood sugar levels. The idea of ​​an early breakfast is great - it's always good to have a light meal right after bed. You can afford ginger or herbal tea right in bed - always after consulting a specialist, some plants can be dangerous for the expectant mother and baby and can even provoke a miscarriage.

After such an introduction to breakfast, there must be a normal meal - for an hour, you should eat porridge, salad, sandwiches on whole grain bread, or treat yourself to a protein meal.

Parsley decoction for chlamydia

Decoction of stems according to folk recipes helps to get rid of chlamydia. A fourfold intake of the remedy relieves this unpleasant disease of the genitourinary sphere.

The real benefits of decoction

Infectious diseases can really recede under the influence of herbal preparations or herbal decoctions, but with chlamydia, such methods are powerless, alas. This disease is systemic - and with advanced forms or self-medication, it can affect other internal organs. For example, the heart, blood vessels, joint and even teeth.

Microorganisms of this group are sensitive to a number of drugs, but parsley is not among them - they must be taken according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor for a certain period, and herbal teas and decoctions of plants can be prescribed as therapy to maintain immunity and general health of the body.

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