The Path To The Cherished Cubes On The Stomach Is Thorny

The Path To The Cherished Cubes On The Stomach Is Thorny
The Path To The Cherished Cubes On The Stomach Is Thorny

Video: The Path To The Cherished Cubes On The Stomach Is Thorny

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How to correctly lose weight by summer


Surely many people, even those far from fitness, have heard that the body can be dried. That is, to draw the relief of the muscles (if any), well, in any case, get rid of excess fat. "VM" found out how to properly "dry" the body without harm to health, and whether this method is suitable for everyone.

What is body drying

First of all, this approach to weight loss involves avoiding simple carbohydrates. Those who take the path of drying muscles will have to forget about sweets, some fruits, rolls and similar joys. Instead, you need to lean on protein. You need to eat at least 100 grams of white meat per day. Moreover, chicken or turkey breast, lean fish, eggs and legumes are suitable. Actively include fiber in the diet. During drying, you need to consume about 40 kilocalories per kilogram of weight. At the same time, there is at least five times a day so that the metabolism works well. Amino acids and vitamins should be added to the diet.

This way of eating must be combined with sports. The set of exercises must be performed at least three times a week. In this case, the intensity of the classes must be observed.

Expert opinion

Russian athlete and actor Sergei Badyuk warned: unprepared people, and those who are not going to compete, do not need to dry their bodies too harshly.

- Of course, drying helps to adjust the weight by redefining the eating habits and daily routine. But do not lose more than 2-5 kilograms per month. Because due to emergency weight loss, health will be shaken, - he warned.

Sergei Badyuk also urged to closely follow the advice of fitness trainers.

- Sometimes they go too far: they exclude all simple carbohydrates from the diet, put them on protein and fiber. In this case, cardio loads are put in last place. Yes, you will quickly lose weight, but during this excessive irritability will appear, the head will start to think worse, - the expert noted.

The athlete recommended including a minimum of simple carbohydrates in the diet, which will reduce stress levels and support brain function.

To whom drying is contraindicated

Unfortunately, this method of losing excess fat has a lot of contraindications. Drying should not be practiced by diabetics, people with diseases of the kidneys, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, liver, pregnant and lactating women.

Nutritionist comment

Alexey Kovalkov, a researcher at the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, warned the readers of "VM" against drying the body.

- This is what athletes do before the performance. If you look at bodybuilders in everyday life, then they just have the so-called "banks" - round muscles. They become embossed as in the picture only if excess water and subcutaneous fat are expelled from the body, - the expert explained.

The nutritionist noted that sitting on drying for more than three weeks is life-threatening even for completely healthy people: dehydration sets in, kidneys and other organs suffer.

- Bodybuilders reduce their water intake, eat a lot of rice, which also absorbs excess water, eat a lot of protein. One has only to leave the diet, as the relief muscles are lost, the body returns to its normal state again, - noted the nutritionist.

Alexey Kovalkov said that there is an alternative for those who want to lose 10 kilograms before vacation. This is a protein-fat diet.

- She also has contraindications and before such a diet, you need to consult a doctor. The protein-fat diet has fundamental differences from drying the body, it is more gentle, - the expert noted.

The nutritionist warned that any diets are contraindicated for those people who have more than 30 extra pounds of fat.

- This is already a disease, equated to oncology and other serious illnesses. You will not treat cancer with diet without doing anything else. The situation is similar with obesity, - explained Alexey Kovalkov.

He warned that anyone could face criminal penalties for advising an obese person to go on a diet.

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