How To Tune In To A Working Mood After The New Year Holidays

How To Tune In To A Working Mood After The New Year Holidays
How To Tune In To A Working Mood After The New Year Holidays

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Oftentimes, sudden changes in surroundings, such as going to work after a long vacation, cause stress, irritability, laziness, and depression. In order to recover normally after the holidays, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations.


Think about why you love your job.

So that the thought of going to work soon does not scare you, experts recommend remembering why you like your job. Think about the pleasant moments associated with work, think about your colleagues. Perhaps you will realize that you are actually missing your job. Then it will be much easier and more pleasant to return to your duties after the New Year.

Make the most of your last days of vacation

In the last days of vacation, psychologists recommend minimizing all burdensome and unpleasant activities. Everything you do these days should bring joy and energy that you need to stock up on before going to work.

Psychologists recommend that you devote the last three days of the New Year's weekend to yourself completely, spend them with loved ones, avoiding quarrels and conflicts. Leisure should bring joy, fill with cheerfulness and good mood.

The last day of rest is just for you

Fill the last day and morning before work with pleasant little things: get a good sleep, take a shower, have a delicious breakfast and choose a beautiful outfit for work. In other words, try to minimize any situations that could ruin your mood.

Tidy up your diet

On the last days of New Year's holidays, when all salads and New Year's dishes are eaten, try to restore your diet. Having adjusted the diet, excluding fatty, fried and sweet from it, do not forget about physical activity. It doesn't have to be intense or exhausting. However, a little physical "shake-up" will help to tune in to workdays after a relaxed vacation.

Lie in bed

During the time a person is sleeping or just resting in bed while watching a New Year's movie, the body's cells recover much faster. You just need to get some sleep before going to work. So the body will be charged with the necessary energy, and the person will be able to tune in to workdays.

Tell us how you spent the holidays

On your first day of work, share with your coworkers how you would spend the weekend. Tell them about your impressions, where you were and what you did. Psychologists are confident that this conversation will create a positive mood at work and defuse stressful conditions. It is also a great way to relive all the emotions of your vacation.

Don't jam your first days with plans

Experts recommend not making appointments or planning too many things on the first working days. This will help you get into a work rut without stress or fuss.

Keep doing the things you started over the weekend. For example, if you've started reading an interesting book, getting started is not a reason to ditch it. This will make the transition between weekend and work smoother.

In addition, lighter tasks are recommended during the first working days. There is an opinion that after a long rest, a person's ability to think is somewhat reduced. It takes some time for it to recover: from a couple of days to a week. Do not scold yourself or panic, just allow yourself to gently flow into the work rhythm.

Psychologist's opinion

Psychologist Tatyana Popova in a commentary for "Word and Deed" recalled that Russians are accustomed to a sharp change of scenery after the long New Year holidays.

“I am sure that we already have a practice from the New Year holidays to a working rhythm of life, because we are not the first to rest for such an amount of time. Nevertheless, we often get tired of prolonged rest and we want to change the rhythm of life, go to work and communicate with colleagues, especially in a pandemic,”the psychologist recalled.

Earlier, "Word and Deed" talked about the plans to regulate irregular working hours in Russia.

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