Doctors Explained Why It Is More Useful To Be A "lark" Than An "owl"

Doctors Explained Why It Is More Useful To Be A "lark" Than An "owl"
Doctors Explained Why It Is More Useful To Be A "lark" Than An "owl"

Video: Doctors Explained Why It Is More Useful To Be A "lark" Than An "owl"

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Sociologists have found that two-thirds of Russians lead the lifestyle of "larks": they wake up in the interval from 6 to 7 hours. Levada Center experts note that another 12 percent of the country's residents wake up very early in the morning: between 3 and 5 o'clock.


But 18 percent of Russians wake up at normal times: from 8 to 9 o'clock, and only 3 percent have the opportunity to sleep until 10 o'clock in the morning or more. In general, the overwhelming majority of Russians wake up like "larks", although some of them are not.

About 59 percent of our country's residents go to bed before 11 pm from Monday to Friday to sleep well before the next working day. Another third of the people in the country can afford to stay awake until two in the morning.

At the same time, most of the workers do not get enough sleep. Only men over 55, who live without minor children, or widowers, can boast of a sound and healthy sleep, after which they can appear at work "like a cucumber".

As practice shows, most of the respondents experience lack of sleep due to the fact that they adjust their schedule to work.

Of course, Moscow also has its own specifics. Marina Anisimova, therapist of the city clinical hospital 31, told about her to "VM".

“A change in biological rhythms has a very bad effect on the human body,” notes Marina Anisimova. - The endocrine and immune systems adapt to a different rhythm, the body adapts, but at the same time it is constantly on the verge of stress. And this leads to an excessive injection of hormones, which subsequently lead to hypertension. In this situation, the megalopolis is good because here you can find work to the rhythm of your body. The question is different: not all people go for it for various reasons - at least because of the salary.

Marina Anisimova shared an example from her own life: the doctor's working day starts at 8.30, but in order to be on time, you have to leave in advance, at 6.30.

- Because of this, you also have to sleep deprivation, - says the doctor. - People who find themselves in a similar situation can be advised to compensate for the lack of sleep with proper and satisfying nutrition and regular exercise. This helps the body adapt to stressful situations.

But some doctors believe that the rhythm of the larks only benefits the body.

“The rhythm of the lark is more useful for the body than the rhythm of the owls,” says psychiatrist Maya Belova. - Especially if a person wakes up from 6 to 7 o'clock. This time period corresponds to the biological waking up of the body. Just for good health, one essential factor must be taken into account: young people need at least seven hours of rest in order to get enough sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to fall asleep, laying the necessary time. Older people, on the other hand, need fewer hours to sleep.

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