Tina Kandelaki On Why It Is More Difficult To Lose Weight With Age And What To Do About It

Tina Kandelaki On Why It Is More Difficult To Lose Weight With Age And What To Do About It
Tina Kandelaki On Why It Is More Difficult To Lose Weight With Age And What To Do About It

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It seems to me that many women who watched the performance of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira during the break of Super Bowl 2020 said to themselves: these singers cheated the time.

Ideal physical shape, irrepressible energy and drive - that's what we all observed during the performance of these superstars, one of whom is 43 years old, and the other (here the language will not turn to say "already") - 50.

At the same time, Shakira and J. Lo, of course, are not objects of envy. These are two great landmarks to look up to. True, it is worth first to understand what lies at the heart of this "miracle" of physical fitness and great looks.

We live in a world of shifted coordinates. More precisely, in the world of coordinates that have fallen into place. A woman is no longer limited to cooking, washing and praising the merits of her breadwinner. We are free and, most importantly, able to be the center of our own system, where everything revolves around us: men, career, children, hobbies. This is what it means to be a real star.

Therefore, you and I need a completely different energy in order to radiate it on ourselves and feed others with it. Agree, it is difficult to be the star of a new coordinate system when the mirror highlights your imperfection. When you have to put up with being overweight that just doesn't want to leave.

It is foolish to say that there is such a diet that will work a miracle on your body, and will also allow you to eat potatoes with sweets at midnight and not go to the gym. In matters of physical fitness, the world is much more fair than cruel. If the body realizes that you simply do not need this or that muscle group, it will "turn off" its support.

In my book "PRO body" I talk a lot about how to lose weight and achieve an ideal figure for yourself. The secret is very simple: you need to prepare for this in advance! Ideally, you should start taking care of yourself from an early age. But even if you missed this moment, your work on yourself will become the foundation for future results.

Between the ages of 18 and 24, you just need to keep track of your diet. Your metabolic processes have not slowed down yet and you can still eat at 8 pm and not get better. But experience, as you know, is the son of difficult mistakes. So in adolescence, we torture our body beyond its capabilities and, for example, eat frankly bad food. All this is also the foundation. Basis for future problems.

It is in adolescence that food habits and the foundations of a correct regimen are consolidated. So girls need to be taught not so much to jump over a goat, but to comprehend the basics of a healthy diet and training process.

As a result, when you are already from 24 to 35 years old, you manage to lose weight more easily, a decrease in mood is not so hard to endure, and most importantly, you have a healthy muscle corset that will respond well to intense sports load.

It is during this period that you need to accustom yourself to simple rules that will help you meet your 40-50 in good shape: do fasting days, exercise at least 6 hours a week. This is the time when you can lay the foundation that will make you look great after 40.

And finally, if you are already over 40 and you decide to put yourself in order, you definitely need to check your hormonal background, because testosterone decreases with age. It is necessary not to be lazy (health, it is not about laziness at all) to pass all these tests in order to understand why you are not losing weight. Then you should check your body composition, find out if you have the correct ratio of fat to muscle, and move towards the correct proportion.

The main problem with age is that the incredible testosterone fireworks end with age. The dynamics of many processes is slowing down.In order to still maintain a good figure and not gain excess weight, in order to "cheat" after 40, you need even more discipline in regards to the regime and systemic training.

Over the years, I have talked about how I am a principled opponent of diets. Recently, my trainer Mikhail Kuznetsov suggested that I try intermittent fasting, and I agreed, because I want to understand how the new instrument will respond to my form. I can say that I really liked this technique. For example, I do not eat after 4 pm, despite the fact that I have breakfast from 7 to 8 in the morning. As a result, we agreed with him that there are two things that we need to start doing as early as possible: a) learn not to overeat; b) do not skip the first meal.

Don't forget that being in good shape and healthy is a man-made magic. So you are quite capable of being a modern sorceress and, looking at the dances of J. Lo and Shakira, say to yourself: "I can do that too. And I look the same."

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