What Does Your Liver Love?

What Does Your Liver Love?
What Does Your Liver Love?

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Your liver is probably having a hard time right now. Irina Urnova, a columnist for Flacon Magazine, figured out how to help her, and what food is better to move away (at least to the other side of the table).


When give

for nuts

Okay, not nuts. And the nuts themselves are walnuts. The lobules, which look like a miniature copy of the human brain, contain arginine, which helps the liver to carry out its direct responsibility - to filter. No, not a bazaar, but us, removing metabolic products from the body. Well, fatty acids will not harm either - neither the liver, nor us. The main thing is not to overdo it: a couple of things a day, no more.


garlic nights

We may not be very fond of garlic, which makes the breath stale, and romantic plans for the night - impossible. But the liver loves: selenium and allicin help it cleanse and maintain a fighting spirit. And most of all, she needs these elements during sleep, because while we are resting, the body is busy with restorative work.

When orange is the hit of the season

British scientists have not yet spoken about what the liver has with the series about prison adventures. But she is definitely not indifferent to orange vegetables and fruits. Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, persimmons contain vitamin T, which helps to process food and is especially useful if it is heavy - for example, fatty meat. This means that the autumn-winter craving for the abundant absorption of any food that distracts from the abomination outside the window may well pass unnoticed for the liver - all these vegetables and fruits are just in season. They say that pumpkin has a positive effect on weight (which you can't say about it).


Oil oil

It is believed that fatty liver is hard to give. But this does not mean that she does not digest fats by the spirit - very much even! Fat-soluble vitamins A and E, vitamin B12, lipoic acid, omega-3 - all this is to the liking of the liver, and this good is full of high-quality vegetable oils and animal fats. So it is better to part with gastronomic fathobia as soon as possible and start living to the fullest - pouring olive oil on salads, sprinkling with pumpkin seeds and accompanying with a good steak. For the liver in the diet - poultry, beef, fish - your liver will say special thanks.

When they ferment

But, unlike some of us, the liver prefers to ferment not alcoholic drinks, but vegetables. Especially cabbage, which is also stuffed with vitamin C (and who doesn't love it!). Fermented vegetables help the body in general and the liver in particular to maintain the water-salt balance, remove metabolic products and fight intoxication if it happens. For example, if we nevertheless jumped to a hangover. There is also a pickle from these vegetables. The main thing is that it should be natural, and not vinegar with stabilizers, sugar and “flavor identical to natural”.



When it tastes good to us

The liver has an even stranger relationship with food. You see, regular dinners in conventional "McDonald's", washed down with sweet soda, does not suit her. Instead of French fries, serve fiber-rich vegetables and herbs, instead of trans fats - high-quality and natural fats, instead of crispy deep fat - dull baking in foil. There are also problems with sugar - she has enough fruit. In short, she's clearly conspiring with reputable nutritionists (and your mom) and demands a balanced, healthy diet. Otherwise, it threatens with trouble. So rude!

When the holiday is every day

It’s hard to believe, but we must accept: the liver is a terrible bore and does not like to drink. No, she is not against a glass of dry red from time to time, but the daring bar fun every day does not suit her. Alas, sooner or later you will have to choose the latter between a bad habit and a healthy liver.And the sooner we do this, the more chances that the liver will not harm (and hurt).

When she's not being taken care of

In general, the liver is not against dietary supplements, discounts on the code on "Ayherb" and unrestrained desire to improve their health, but there is a limit to everything. The number of tablets that it can process without any problems, too. Those who like to swallow magic pills in handfuls according to the advice from Instagram should remember: excessive zeal can harm the body. And drug damage to the liver is a very real thing, and it happens not only from eating antibiotics. So for a list of wheels and supplements, it is better to go to a good doctor in the office, and not to a blogger on the Internet.

When she gets hammered

It is unpleasant when, in response to a complaint that something worries or upsets you, they say: "Don't be silly, I can see that everything is fine with you!" So the liver does not like it when its state of health is assessed by the absence of yellowness in the whites of the eyes and pain in the right side: no symptoms - no problems. She often has to suffer in silence and alone until the problem becomes so large that it is our turn to suffer. A regular check-up will help relieve her (and herself) of this suffering.

When her job is taken away

Separately, marketers, nutritionists and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, as if by agreement, continue to rub in on the most important stage of recovery - detox. It is proposed to drink juices or not drink anything, buy special water, take special pills and perform special manipulations in order to remove toxins, toxins and other horror that a modern inhabitant of a metropolis is full of. It is all a shame for the liver: to withdraw what the body does not need and does not benefit is its sacred duty, which it shares with a number of important organs (for example, with the kidneys).


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