10 Explosive Wall Bars

10 Explosive Wall Bars
10 Explosive Wall Bars

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The Swedish wall is a salvation for those who want to tone their body, but do not want or cannot go to the gym. Modern wall bars take up very little space and are indecently easy to assemble. It is much more difficult to prescribe an exercise program for yourself that would cover all muscle groups. People underestimate the effectiveness of bodyweight training, naively believing that the severity of the barbell is directly proportional to strength and leanness. In fact, everything is different, and today we will tell you about the most effective exercises that you can do without leaving your home.


1. Push-ups

Are regular push-ups too easy? Then increase the load by focusing on the wall bars. You need to raise your legs to the bar. The higher the legs, the greater the load on the arms. After 30 reps, your muscles will start to clog. The main thing is not to give up, press while you have strength, but do not forget about the technique - it decides. When your legs reach the top bar, you will, like Bruce Lee, do push-ups only on your own two.

2. Low squats

This exercise will help you feel all the pain of this world. After a low squat, you, like a cute little one, will give way to public transport. Stand on the bar at least 30 cm from the floor, and with your hands grasp the bar at elbow level. Then sit down as low as possible. The muscles of the legs and back will be shocked, but they deserve it. Stretch as far as possible and watch your back - it should be straight. This is not a simple barbell squat, it requires not only strength, but also flexibility. After doing this, your legs will become both stronger and faster, because your joints and muscles will stretch daily.

3. Hanging leg raises

The coolest exercise for pumping the press, which is much more effective than regular curls. Stand with your back to the wall, firmly grasp the bar above your height and start raising your legs. The higher, the more effective, but the main thing is that the abs work, and not the hips. Only weaklings swing; real men do this exercise slowly to work every abdominal muscle. If you want to achieve maximum effect, hold your legs for a few seconds at the top point. Hold on, don't give up, the result will be six dice and a powerful body that no Tyson can break.

4. Pull-ups

Correct pull-ups will help pump the entire upper body. The main thing is to know which muscle groups a particular grip is responsible for. If you want a powerful chest, pull yourself up with a narrow grip. The slower you do, the more it will clog. If, after a couple of approaches, the pectorals and triceps are aching, then you did everything right, be proud of yourself. But for wide shoulders and a wide grip is needed. Remember, chin-ups are valid when the chin is above the bar, so don't be bullshit. The reward will be a strong back and powerful shoulders, behind which any girl will want to hide. In order for the body to develop evenly, do not forget about the biceps. A reverse narrow grip is suitable for him. Cross your legs to reduce the amplitude of the swing (also hack). Keep in mind that for pull-ups you need a Swedish wall with an additional upper or hinged crossbar. Buy wall bars with a crossbar

5. Sail

Sail and hyperextension are two exceptions when you can bend in life. Stand facing the wall, feet on the second bar, hands on the bar just above the waist. Then close your eyes and imagine that you are the sail of a Viking drakkar, in which the strongest Norwegian winds blow. The stronger the wind, the faster the ship and the more powerful your back. Reach for the sail to unfold. But the wind is not always a headwind, so alternate it with a reverse sail. To do this, you need to stand with your back to the wall, grab the crossbar with your hands, which is above the head, and then bend your back and lean forward.While sailing, you can forget about pain and discomfort in the lower back.

6. Lifting the body in the hang

This is not for you to lie on the stove. Here you, like Batman, hang upside down on the bar and lift the body. The amplitude of this exercise is greater, but there is no opportunity to swing. Therefore, you need to give all the best in each repetition at 100%. Unlike the classic press, the lumbar and lats of the back are tense here, so you should focus on the technique, and not on the number of repetitions per set. It's cool to do a lot, of course, but what's the point if it's ineffective?

7. Pendulum

The pendulum can be performed both on the crossbar and on the Swedish wall, with only one difference: the wall fixes the body. Therefore, it will be more effective and more difficult on the crossbar. Just do not try to swing. The press should work, not the legs. The arms are slightly bent, the legs should be raised to an angle of 90 degrees, then moved from side to side. After the first approach, you will feel a burning sensation throughout the body. This is your perfect abs.

8. Exit into a handstand facing the wall

Break the gravity by walking vertically along the wall bars. From a sitting position, you need to "step" onto the first crossbar by lifting your legs, then pull up the second. And so on, as long as there is enough growth. Loads all the muscles in the body and tones them. The bite of a radioactive spider is optional, only willpower and perseverance are enough. You need to return to the original in the same way. You don't want to stop halfway, do you?

9. La Lane Plank

Unlike the usual plank, here the hands are on the lower bar of the wall. The arms, legs and body are in a straight line, you are a stretched arrow. And you know your goal for sure. The biggest problem with the plank is that a person can always hold out longer than they think. Do it with your last bit of strength and remember: you can do anything. This type of plank puts more stress on the arms and shoulders, which, together with the lats and abs, allows you to work out almost all of the upper muscles.

10. Fold

You need to stand on the lower crossbar, and grab the crossbar 3-4 positions higher with your hands. Keep your arms and legs straight throughout the exercise. Slowly move your hands down the rungs until you reach the second one from the bottom. Calculate your strength correctly, otherwise you will fall. Take your time, technology loves neatness. Imagine that your life depends on it, as if there is not a floor behind you, but a cliff or a mouth of a volcano. In order not to disappear into oblivion, you need to resist, no matter how difficult it may be. But it will be difficult. The fold strengthens the back, legs and stretches the joints and muscles.

If these exercises are not enough for you and you want to maximize the effectiveness of home workouts, then think about buying an extended set of wall bars, which includes an additional emphasis for pumping the press and triceps, an additional rack for a barbell and a bench. With this set, you can do basic gym exercises and some CrossFit exercises. Buy expanded wall bars

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