Best Skipping Rope Exercises To Burn Fat

Best Skipping Rope Exercises To Burn Fat
Best Skipping Rope Exercises To Burn Fat

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A slender body, no hanging belly and elastic thigh muscles are the cherished dream of many women. At home, jumping rope exercises are the best solution.


Passive lifestyle, genetic factor, unhealthy diet lead to the fact that extra pounds are deposited on the sides, buttocks, abdominal wall.

For weight loss, it is not enough to change the principles of food consumption, it is important to give the body the necessary daily load, train muscles, force calories to burn, and muscle fibers become more elastic and strong. Rhythmic gymnastics, running, power loads will help with this, but not everyone has the time and opportunity to train.

Without special simulators, using the simplest equipment, you can significantly change your figure, improve the condition of the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Jumping rope is also useful for children and men who seek to train their bodies and develop their physical abilities.


Choice of fixture

Training variations

Features of classes

Training for 6 weeks


Choice of fixture

Before you develop a set of exercises, you need to choose the right rope. There are several common types for the buyer's choice:

Regular. The simplest option is a jump rope with plastic handles and a rubber cable. Their advantage is ease of use and minimal cost.

With weighting. They are heavier than the standard version, so this solution will not be the best for beginners. It is necessary to use equipment of this type after the body has adapted to the load. Weighted skipping ropes are great for those working to increase muscle mass.

High-speed. This option is the best for burning fat and losing weight in the shortest possible time. With the help of the element, you can make the fastest jumps, in one second, make up to 4-5 spins.

Electronic. They are equipped with a calorie counter. It is enough to enter your weight in the digital field, and the device will independently calculate the calories expended during the workout.

When choosing a rope, you need to pay attention not only to its functionality. An important selection criterion is the length of the cable. There are products on sale in lengths of 2.4 m, 2.7 m and 3 m. You can determine the size that is convenient for you using a simple test. Stand in the middle of the cable and lift the handles up. If they reach your armpits, that's your size. Do not be afraid to take the product "with a margin", making the cable shorter is not difficult.

Training variations

If you are training to lose weight in the abdomen, buttocks, sides and legs, you need to make different types of jumps. There are many variations and techniques that can be practiced individually and combined together in a training program. The most effective and affordable rope exercises are:

Simple jumps. The movement is familiar to everyone since school days. We jump on our toes, springing at our knees. One jump - one rope rotation.

With a change of legs. We jump, alternately changing legs. First - on the left, then on the right.

Jumping to the sides. Jumping, you need to move first to the right, then to the left.

Double jump. We do two scrolls in one jump.

Back forward. Making a jump, we move forward, during the next scrolling we return to the starting position.

Another option is to jump 10 times on either the right or the left leg.

You should not train from the first days to complete exhaustion and fatigue. Increase the load gradually. The duration of training in the first week should not exceed 2-3 minutes.As endurance develops, the training time will increase, the maximum threshold is 45 minutes.

Features of classes

Not everyone understands why jumping rope is useful. Exercise has a positive effect on the functioning of the whole body. Numerous reviews indicate that classes are indispensable for the press, thighs, calves, priests, and even hands!

If you practice intensively and systematically, you can burn 400 kcal in half an hour of jumping rope. Training is aimed at agility and endurance development. World-famous athletes, such as Bruce Lee, necessarily included jumping rope in their training program, because they understood what results would be from this type of training.

In order for the classes to be useful, you must adhere to a few simple rules and recommendations:

choose comfortable clothes and shoes for training;

find a suitable place to study;

turn on rhythmic fitness music;

do not forget about correct breathing;

warm up and warm up your muscles before and after exercise;

do not abuse the liquid during training.

You can jump at any time of the day. Connect your child, husband or girlfriend to rope workouts, it is much more fun to do it together. Do not skip workouts and exercise in a good mood.

Training for 6 weeks

After practicing for 1.5 months, you will be able to see a noticeable result of your efforts. The complex can be divided into three stages. The first is the first and second week of class. You should jump every other day to give the body time to recover. The program at this stage boils down to the following:

we jump for 10 minutes in the usual way;

fold the cable, put it behind the back and stretch it in different directions;

we move the folded rope forward, raise our hands up and take them as far back as possible, keep our head straight, do not throw it back;

jump 10 more in any other technique;

we fold the rope, lie down on the mat, stretch our arms up and throw our legs over the cable, without lifting the lower back from the floor, do it 20 times;

we jump for 5 minutes on the left and 5 minutes on the right foot.

The second stage of training is 3-4 weeks. During this period of time, you need to increase the intensity. Most of the lesson should be devoted to jumping, we shorten the rest time. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

15 minutes of regular jumps;

we step with one foot on the cable and take it as far back as possible, fix the position for 20 seconds, do 10 repetitions for each leg;

10 minutes of double jumps;

we sit on the floor, legs are stretched forward together, we grab the folded rope by the feet and fold in half, hold the position for 20 seconds, repeat 10 times;

15 minutes of jumping in standard performance.

The final stage is 5-6 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to increase the speed of movement. The training program will be as follows:

15 minutes of fast classic jumps;

do 20 bends forward, to the sides and back;

Reverse jumps for 20 minutes;

we lie down on the floor and do leg raises at an angle of 45 degrees, 20 times for each leg;

10 minutes of difficult jumps (criss-cross, double, sideways or with a weighted rope).

For a month and a half of classes, subject to the correct diet, you can lose weight by 3-5 kilograms. But having achieved an excellent result, you cannot stop there. Continue to practice, even at a simpler and slower pace, but every day.


Jumping rope is a great way to keep the body in good shape. However, training has a number of contraindications. It is strictly forbidden for people with:

problems in the work of the musculoskeletal system;


cardiovascular disease;

respiratory dysfunctions;

diseases of the joints and cartilage;

overweight (over 100 kg).

If a person has a chronic disease, this is not a reason to give up exercise, but when the disease is in the acute stage, exercise should be postponed.Also, don't exercise right after eating. After the last meal, at least an hour should pass. Practice outdoor activities.

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It seems impossible that ordinary jumping rope can have such a profound effect on the body and overall well-being. To make sure that the training is effective, you need to try it yourself. Exercise, have fun with your workout and life, and enjoy your slim and fit reflection in the mirror.

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