Chuck Norris Rescues A Poisoned Wife

Chuck Norris Rescues A Poisoned Wife
Chuck Norris Rescues A Poisoned Wife

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The famous actor Chuck Norris has not appeared in films for five years, does not give interviews and practically does not appear in the light of day.


According to media reports, all this time the artist is trying to save his wife Jenna, who was poisoned with heavy metal gadolinium.

According to Norris, a few years ago, his wife was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors told her to undergo an MRI scan. As a result, she ended up in the tomography chamber three times in eight days. In order for doctors to better see the changes in the body, she was injected with a contrast agent. It was composed of the heavy metal gadolinium.

The family of the famous actor is sure that it was this substance that caused strong side effects.

“A few hours after the first examination, I felt an intolerable heat, as if acid had been poured into my body. At first the burning sensation was in one place, then it began to spread,”The Good Health magazine quotes Jenna as saying.

After the MRI, she was hospitalized six times. Her joints ached, her ribs ached, trembling went through her whole body, and it was hard to breathe. Doctors shrugged their shoulders and could not make a diagnosis.

Then the wife of Chuck Norris began to look for signs of her painful condition on the Internet. She came across an article about gadolinium poisoning.

The woman asked the doctors to explain how this drug acts on the body. They assured her that the contrast agent was completely harmless and recommended that she drink plenty of water.

When the Norris couple got serious about gadolinium and its effects on the body, they found an integrative medicine clinic in Reno, Nevada. There the toxicity of gadolinium was confirmed to them. By this time Jenna had already lost seven kilograms, could hardly swallow and ate only baby food.

“For five months I was given droppers with a substance that removes heavy metals from the body. I needed 24/7 nursing assistance. Chuck slept next to me on the little couch all this time and never left the hospital. I really wanted to live and prayed only for the opportunity to at least raise my children,”recalls Jenna.

According to The Mirror, to save his wife, who is still suffering from the effects of heavy metal poisoning, Chuck Norris spent two million dollars. After that, the actor filed a lawsuit against 11 pharmaceutical companies in the San Francisco Supreme Court. The actor is seeking compensation in the amount of $ 10 million from firms that distribute gadolinium contrast agents.

“I gave up my career to concentrate completely on Jenna. Now my whole life is dedicated to her living as long as possible. I believe this sacrifice is justified,”says Norris.

The last action movie "The Expendables 2", in which Chuck Norris played the role, was released in 2012.

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