How To Lose Weight By Laughing. Specialist Advice

How To Lose Weight By Laughing. Specialist Advice
How To Lose Weight By Laughing. Specialist Advice

At certain time periods, various needs come to the fore, in the spring, for example, many of us strive to put ourselves in order, lose weight and tighten up a little. That is why, we decided to find out how else it is possible to do this without resorting to exhausting exercises and diets. We have already talked about the yoga of laughter, today we will consider it from a practical point of view.


We turned our questions to Dmitry Efimov, a joy trainer, an ambassador of the Yoga of Laughter in Russia and the CIS countries.

Why Laughing Is Good

The laughter yoga practice has three goals. The first is, of course, health promotion. Scientists have repeatedly proved that laughter really prolongs life and improves its quality, strengthens the immune system.

The second goal of practicing laughter yoga is psychological relief. During laughter, endorphin is produced - the hormone of joy, which, accordingly, has a beneficial effect on the emotional background, helps to get rid of depression and stress.

The third reason for practicing laughter yoga is world peace, it contributes to the formation of positive thinking and fills a person's life with joy.

What muscles work during laugh yoga exercises?

Basically, of course, the abdominal muscles are involved. During laughter, a person actively exhales, the diaphragm contracts, as a result of which all the muscles of the press (straight, oblique) and back muscles work. The mimic muscles are actively involved, blood rushes to the face and the skin rejuvenates due to the effect of natural face building.

In the classroom, students also jump, jump, bend over, that is, they use almost all muscle groups.

At the University of California, research was conducted, the results of which showed that 15 minutes of laughter is equal to an hour of work on the rowing machine. On average, 500 kilocalories are lost per hour of laughter, almost the same as burned per hour on a treadmill.

Is it possible to completely replace gym sessions with laughter yoga?

Depends on what result the person expects. If the goal is to become an Olympic champion, then, of course, not, in this case, the yoga of laughter cannot be a substitute for training. But if we are talking about physical education, then daily exercises on yoga of laughter will be very useful. Today in many countries, and almost everywhere in India, every morning and every evening people go to the parks to practice laughter yoga. Many people combine elementary gymnastics with this practice.

When I started to practice the yoga of laughter, the founder of this technique - the Indian doctor Madan Kataria - gave me the task: to laugh for 40 days in a row for an hour a day. During this time, I have lost eight kilograms. My body only got enough physical activity from laughter. When I was doing fitness, I could not achieve such a result.

Can you hurt yourself by doing laughter yoga?

Of course, it is difficult to harm yourself with laughter, because you still cannot laugh too much. There are no side effects from doing yoga of laughter, but there are contraindications. People with chronic heart and respiratory diseases should not laugh, since these systems are actively working during exercise. You can not deal with people with hernias, especially back hernias, because the spinal muscles receive a lot of stress. People who have recently undergone surgery cannot practice laughter yoga. Those who are sick with any viral diseases, so that they do not infect anyone, since laughter yoga is a group practice.You cannot actively engage in people with epilepsy, since laughter yoga is an emotional charge, and a person with epilepsy may have an attack from overexertion. For everyone else, at any age, this charger is great.

How to laugh correctly? Some of the simplest tips

In fact, everyone can laugh. We start laughing from three months. Everyone has their own style of laughter. To make laughing easier, I repeat, you need to take a deep breath, inflate your stomach, hold your breath, try to count to ten and exhale all the air completely. And at the moment of exhalation - laugh. To make it easier to start, say the letter A and start laughing, something like "A-ha-ha-ha-ha." At the same time, try not to "throw" laughter, but to laugh to the end. Reduce the belly so that all the accumulated air comes out of it, then take a deep breath in order to saturate the body with fresh oxygen.

Finally, I would like to ask you to take one or two minutes right now and laugh. Feel for yourself how your attitude has changed. You can imagine a certain “scale of joy” in the range from 1 to 10 points and evaluate your state on it before and after laughing. I guarantee that after laughing, the level of joy will "grow" by at least two units.


Doing it every day in the morning will help you recharge in a positive mood.


Standing, legs are slightly wider than shoulders, bend forward, try to reach the floor with your hands, take a deep breath and begin to rise. At this time, say "Aloooooooo", and then, straightening up, say "Ha-ha-ha!", Spread your arms wide to the sides. This is how you welcome a new day. You need to perform the exercise eight times.

"Rainbow Shake"

Imagine that you have two glasses in your hands and one of them contains a rainbow. “Pour” this rainbow from glass to glass, then “shake up” well and “drink” the rainbow. Laugh while drinking. Imagine how a rainbow fills you, and you glow and radiate joy. Take three or four of these "sips".

"Laughing telephone"

Imagine that someone calls you. Hold your phone to your ear and imagine that someone is telling you something funny. You can answer, not just "listen." And, of course, laugh. Laugh like that for at least a minute, and the emotional background will immediately become much more positive, and you will feel better.

By practicing laughter in the morning, afternoon and evening, you will become healthier physically, more stable emotionally and fill your life and the lives of your children and loved ones with joy.

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