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Get Lost, Infection
Get Lost, Infection

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Sadly, the summer is over. Well rested, full of energy, we are entering a new business and academic season. The trouble is that the autumn bad weather not only disciplines and tunes in a working mood, but also increases the risk of catching an acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) or flu. And every year the question arises: how to protect yourself from the disease? Modern immunostimulants can help with this.


Why is there a surge in viral diseases in the fall - what we used to call the common cold? Got it: the weather. This is always the case at the turn of the seasons, during the transition from a relatively warm summer to a gloomy autumn or from a slushy autumn to a harsh Russian winter. Changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure create a serious stress load on the body, and not every person's immune system is capable of surviving this without loss.

Another factor: vacations and vacations are coming to an end, children return to classes, adults - to offices, everyone's daily routine is changing. This is also stress for the body, weakening the immune system. The situation is complicated by the fact that from long and short summer travels, together with vivid impressions, we bring a specific microflora. This also contributes to ARVI. In addition, when it is already cold outside, and in public transport (for example, in the subway) it is still warm, stuffy (and cramped), it is especially easy to catch an infection in the air. After all, warmth, humidity and crowding of people are just the same sanatorium-resort conditions for the reproduction and spread of viruses!

To help your immune system cope with the change of seasons more calmly, it is important to choose a means of nonspecific prevention of colds and flu. Non-specific is important. This is the name of prevention, which affects viruses not directly, but indirectly, through an increase in the amount of special interferon proteins in the body that have antiviral activity. The fact is that mankind already knows more than 200 causative agents of influenza and ARVI. New modifications (strains) of viruses appear almost every year. And the "warriors of light" -interferons do not care what kind of strain of the pathogenic virus is in front of them: they simply see the enemy and neutralize him, shortening his life cycle and not allowing him to multiply.

One of the most effective means of preventing and treating colds offered in pharmacies is immunostimulants. These drugs help the body produce more interferons to fight back attacks from pathogens. Among modern immunostimulants, it is worth paying attention to the domestic complex family drug with an antiviral mechanism of action - "Citovir-3".

Why complex? Because thanks to its composition, "Citovir-3" not only allows you to quickly enough, within a day, to increase the level of interferon circulating in the body, but also maintains this level for a long time, sufficient to counteract viral infection. The drug solves a whole range of problems. It is suitable for routine prophylaxis, and for emergency care in cases of contact with sick people, and for treatment.

Why family? Because taking "Tsitovir-3" for the prevention and treatment of influenza and ARVI is possible not only for adults, but also for children over 1 year old. Especially for children under 6 years of age, the drug is produced in the form of a syrup.

The drug is effective against any pathogens of influenza and ARVI. Moreover, it is very easy to use. Taking the drug for just 4 days, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of catching an acute respiratory viral infection for yourself and your loved ones for a whole month.

The most reliable measures are preventive. "Tsitovir-3" is best used during seasonal epidemics, in case of force majeure (for example, with hypothermia) or at the very first symptoms of a cold - general malaise, sore throat.But even if you are late and ARVI still put you or someone of your loved ones to bed, Citovir-3 will significantly reduce the likelihood of developing such dangerous bacterial complications as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Meet autumn with a smile and be healthy!

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