Do Helicobacter Bifidobacteria Dream: Simple Ways To Treat Gastritis

Do Helicobacter Bifidobacteria Dream: Simple Ways To Treat Gastritis
Do Helicobacter Bifidobacteria Dream: Simple Ways To Treat Gastritis

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Among the people, gastritis is still considered a student's disease, while doctors are already seriously calling it the disease of the century. Is it worth it to immediately run for a gastroscopy, if you have taken it, and what medicines you should always have in the first-aid kit in an interview with the "Social Navigator" correspondent, the head physician, therapist, gastroenterologist Natalia Poklonova told.


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Stress, a large amount of spicy and fatty foods, smoking and alcohol consumption are commonly cited as the main causes of gastritis. Of course, they negatively affect the gastric mucosa, but its inflammation can be triggered by a number of other factors, for example, an increase in the acidity of gastric juice or genetic characteristics of internal organs.

The disease can be provoked by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori - a real "TV star" in recent years. Everyone knows how it harms the body and with the help of what medicinal bifidobacteria and products you need to fight it. However, according to Natalia Poklonova, everything is not so simple, and if the disease is incorrectly treated or started, relying only on advice from advertising, it will develop into more serious diseases.

"The presence of Helicobacter pylori infection almost always means a great risk of not just peptic ulcer disease, but also oncology. This is considered one of the provoking factors," she said.

It is quite simple to pick up a bacterium: it is transmitted from carriers mainly through dishes and household items. You can also get infected during an examination in a medical facility, although in reality this is unlikely, since all equipment is thoroughly disinfected.

Therefore, Poklonova noted, if one of the family members was diagnosed with this infection, then everyone else is advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible and conduct the necessary tests: "It is not necessary to immediately conduct a gastroscopy. You can, for example, take a blood test for markers, for antibodies. There is also a special respiratory helix test."


It is better not to postpone a trip to a gastroenterologist even at the first manifestations - pain in the upper abdomen, heartburn, belching, nausea and impaired appetite. According to Natalia, on the basis of a survey and palpation, the doctor can prescribe further examinations that will make it possible to make a clear diagnosis.

"It is extremely rare that gastritis has developed in isolation. The throwing of bile during dyskinesia of the biliary tract on the hungry mucous membrane of the stomach, that is, not protected by food, will also cause gastritis," she said.

In addition, the gastroenterologist will immediately discuss and draw up a diet, teach the patient to eat right in order to reduce and then exclude pain attacks in the future. Experts do not recommend changing the diet on their own: due to incompetence in this matter, a person can only harm the body.

Along with the diet, the patient needs to take several types of drugs: stomach acidity regulators (for example, omeprazole), enveloping agents and enzymes.

"In principle, in two weeks you can heal the first minimal exacerbation, but not completely. A month of proper nutrition and drug treatment - you can practically forget about gastritis," Natalia emphasized, adding that after this period it is better to preserve a certain food culture, and do not seek to absorb all previously prohibited foods.

Do Helicobacter bifidobacteria dream of \: simple ways to treat gastritis

The ulcer is not far off

Gastritis is often perceived by Russians as something frivolous, a kind of student disease, which then disappears like a mosquito bite. Today, it is not only students who, due to circumstances, are under constant stress and cannot always eat normally, are susceptible to gastritis. As Poklonova noted, more often older, already established people turn to gastroenterologists: "I would say that this is the disease of the century. We live in a hectic world, we are always in a hurry somewhere and do not have time to live according to the regime."

In fact, do not underestimate this disease and disregard its symptoms and manifestations, since advanced gastritis can lead to erosions, and subsequently to stomach ulcers.

“It happens that a patient comes to us with anemia that is not clear where it came from. During the examination, we reveal that he has multiple bleeding erosions or ulcers. He did not pay attention to black stools and other symptoms. Therefore, as soon as minimal complaints appear, it is imperative to immediately consult a doctor ", - concluded Natalia.

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