Matching Fall: Diet And Exercise To Get Your Body Fit After Summer

Matching Fall: Diet And Exercise To Get Your Body Fit After Summer
Matching Fall: Diet And Exercise To Get Your Body Fit After Summer

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Fitness trainer Elena Chernyavskaya answers the 5 most common questions that are asked to her as a professional

1.What exercises should you start your day with?

Every day you need to start with exercises for posture and neck-collar zone, since this is the basis not only of our body, but also of the face.

If the posture is not built, this will lead to an imbalance in the muscles of the cervical-collar zone, their hypertonicity, and hence - headaches, decreased concentration and fatigue. It is not worth explaining that in such a state there will be neither desire nor opportunity to engage in beauty of the body.

Therefore, I recommend making it a rule to do simple exercises to strengthen the back muscles, stretch the pectoral and neck muscles, and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

2. What should you eat for breakfast to get an energy boost for the whole day?

I recommend a hearty breakfast, but you need to eat it no earlier than 30 minutes after waking up, or even better, drink a little water in 15 minutes to start the intestines.

Sausage sandwiches may be a hearty breakfast, but clearly not with the "healthy" status.

If it is important for you to eat quickly and easily, choose cereals that can be cooked in the evening. They contain a full complement of breakfast nutrients. Only I recommend buying cereals not of instant cooking, but "long", but more useful and full-fledged cereals.

An egg is also a great breakfast option, only I advise you to opt for boiling over frying in terms of how you cook it.

Whole grain bread will complement such a protein breakfast and, due to the fiber content, will prolong the feeling of satiety.

I still recommend leaving the variant of fruit smoothies that are currently fashionable for snacks, since after such a breakfast you will quickly get hungry.

3. What muscle groups should you focus on if you want to become the owner of beautiful legs?

In order for the legs to be beautiful, slender and at the same time harmoniously developed, it is necessary to work on several muscle groups at the same time: the front surface of the thigh, the back of the thigh, the muscles of the lower leg and buttocks.

Moreover, each muscle group needs to perform different exercises that would engage all the muscles in the group.

For women, I highly recommend adding stretching exercises, since tight muscles, bent knees and unstretched instep will not allow the legs to look feminine and graceful, thereby ruining the impression of even the most prominent and toned legs.

4. How long should the daily exercise last for the legs to be taut?

It is very difficult for me to separate the leg workout from the whole body. I believe that a harmonious body develops only when all muscles are worked out from the heels to the crown of the head. Our entire body is a single system, all muscles are connected by deep myofascial chains. Therefore, if you want beautiful legs, just choose the right workout for the whole body (preferably a combination of strength and aerobic directions) twice a week and add one full-fledged stretching workout.

5. What leg exercises will help make your buttocks more rounded?

How your buttocks look depends on many factors: the shape of the pelvis, where the muscles attach to the bones, and the amount and location of body fat.

What we can influence is the state of the muscles that can make any "fifth point" beautiful.

It is important to know: if you work only on the gluteus maximus muscle, dreaming of a beautiful and toned ass, then you will not achieve the result soon.It is imperative to work together on the muscles of the inner thigh and hamstrings. And by the way, it's not just aesthetics. If you do not work out these muscle groups evenly, then, while training the buttocks, you can overload, for example, the hip flexors and get injured.

Neglect of technique - for example, the inability to keep your back straight, the lack of a controlled trajectory of the knee joints and improper breathing during the exercise - inhibits the result, and then you will suffer with sore joints all your life.

The most popular glute exercise on the internet is squatting, and many hope that just doing these exercises will get your glutes pumped up. But with monotonous training, muscle fibers adapt, as a result of which the muscles become immune to the same exercises, and an endless increase in working weight is impossible, since a person's strength is not unlimited. Therefore, it is important to alternate between different exercises, add small weights (for example, rubber bands).

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