Vodka: Why Is It Considered A “female” Drink In The West?

Vodka: Why Is It Considered A “female” Drink In The West?
Vodka: Why Is It Considered A “female” Drink In The West?

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The culture of drinking abroad often has fundamental differences from the Russian one. The attitude to alcoholic beverages in the West is also somewhat different.


At least, it is not customary to jam undiluted vodka there with faceted glasses - neither for men, nor for women.

Why do foreign ladies prefer "little white"

The popularity of vodka among Western women is not due to the fact that the local ladies prefer stronger drinks - they just love cocktails based on forty degrees. Men in the West tend to prefer whiskey.

Many foreign female celebrities have been seen addicted to vodka - for example, Catherine Deneuve, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, Holy Berry and Liz Hurley. Marlene Dietrich considered vodka to be one of the healthiest spirits.

It is customary for foreign women to drink vodka or cocktails based on it slowly, in small sips - at parties, parties with girlfriends or in bars. In the western alcoholic beverages industry, there is a special direction for the production of "ladies'" vodka varieties - with tastes of vanilla, almond, lime. Recently, the domestic alcoholic beverage industry has begun to engage in similar developments.

Vodka and estrogen

As you know, you need to drink in moderation, both women and men. Western studies have shown that with alcohol abuse (including vodka), both sexes significantly increase the level of estrogen (female steroid hormones). In a woman who drinks a shot of vodka daily, the level of estrogen in the body increases by about a third. Experts say that women who drink regularly have a higher risk of getting breast cancer than those who do not abuse alcohol.

"Let's get out of grief, where is the mug"

In Taoist medicine, all food and drinks are subdivided into those with Yin or Yang energies. It is believed that if a person is sick, then one of the energies prevails in him, you need to restore and balance the balance of your Tao. Food- "Yin" relaxes, pulls into sleep from it. It is no coincidence that vodka is also on the list of drinks with Yin energy. The “state of Yin” in the morning is familiar to many of our fellow citizens, who thoroughly “worked up” the day before.

Yin food is hot or, in relation to vodka, intoxicating. It is not for nothing that they prefer to drink rice vodka sake in the East when heated. Products and drinks with Yin energy include all alcohol, as well as mushrooms, coffee, fats, sweet A "yang" - food - beans, meat, cabbage, lettuce, salt, coarse bread

The Yin-Yang balance in Taoist medicine is the uniform and reasonable consumption of foods with different energies. If you sort out something from the list, including vodka, the body will certainly start to malfunction.

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