Top 7 Useful Tips From Elena Malysheva

Top 7 Useful Tips From Elena Malysheva
Top 7 Useful Tips From Elena Malysheva

Video: Top 7 Useful Tips From Elena Malysheva

Video: Top 7 Useful Tips From Elena Malysheva
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7 tips from the show that you can use.


Recently, in an interview with Rambler News Service, the country's chief television doctor, Elena Malysheva, said that nature seeks to get rid of women over 50 years old with the help of obesity. People of age are supposedly not needed by nature, and it comes up with its own mechanisms to get rid of them. One of these is overeating. Jokes are jokes, but there is some sense in this. We have collected a few more tips from the famous program that you can use.

Don't overeat

Let's start with the same and find out what is efficient in this advice. The TV presenter emphasized that there are twice as many obese women over 50 as men. This is due to the lack of testosterone in women, which is the main fat burning hormone.

In addition, there are two more important stages in the life of women when they are most susceptible to obesity. The first is associated with the period after childbirth, and the second with menopause. During these periods, the hormonal status of the fair sex changes, which is why their body copes much worse with being overweight.

Don't rely on sports

“Sports will burn all the calories,” say many losing weight. And this is partly true, but it's worth remembering the calorie content, for example, of a cheese sandwich (350 kcal), which is burned in one intense workout. But this is just a sandwich, but what about the piece of cake that you ate after? Sport is undoubtedly an important thing, but don't forget about nutrition as you stick to your goal.


Malysheva advises to use “skin to skin” contact more often in the fight against daily stress, which will reduce all worries to a minimum. This method has a fairly well-reasoned position - it is a reflex left to us from the intrauterine part of life.

Beat the dishes

Intensive exercise, brisk walking, Nordic walking along the coast or park, swimming, and jogging with acceleration will also help to cope with stress. If this is impossible or your physical form does not allow, you need at least some muscle activity to throw out the emotion: beat a pillow or pear, tear the newspapers, beat the dishes, do 10 squats, go up to your apartment not by elevator, but walking up the stairs; at least shout - not at your loved ones, but in an empty glass jar.

Go to the bathhouse!

It turned out that when visiting a bathhouse, the human body produces proteins, which were first called heat shock proteins, and then stress proteins. Being in the vessels, they detect cancer cells in the blood, attach to them and drag them to the killer cells of macrophages, which simply devour them. In addition, these stress proteins produce a special substance that fights inflammation in the body.

Stay awake for more than 7 hours

Recent scientific research has shown that 4.5 to 7 hours of sleep is normal and sufficient for an adult. Sleeping for more than 7 hours increases the risks of various diseases. Elena advises not to oversleep life, but lack of sleep is also useless.

Be optimistic

Malysheva says: "Israeli scientists have come to the conclusion that a positive outlook on life prolongs the life of patients who have suffered a heart attack." Indeed, according to numerous studies, it is optimism that helps to recover faster from illness. Earlier, scientists from the UK showed that a second heart attack in people with a positive attitude towards life occurs much less often.