Test Participants For T-cell Immunity To Coronavirus Will No Longer Give Results

Test Participants For T-cell Immunity To Coronavirus Will No Longer Give Results
Test Participants For T-cell Immunity To Coronavirus Will No Longer Give Results

Video: Test Participants For T-cell Immunity To Coronavirus Will No Longer Give Results

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In Moscow, it is now possible to take a test for T-cell immunity to coronavirus only for the sake of science. The Health Department has ordered no further disclosure of test results.


In recent months, against the backdrop of reports of a rapid drop in antibody titers in some of those who have recovered from the disease, the Russian and foreign media began to write more often about the so-called T- and B-lymphocytes (or T- and B-cells). These are the main components of cellular immunity. It is assumed that memory cells, that is, lymphocytes familiar with COVID-19, will remain in the body for longer than antibodies. For example, some people who had had SARS-CoV-1 in 2003 are still being diagnosed with them.

Where can you get such testing and find out about your security? It is known that commercial tests for cellular immunity do not exist in Russia, and in the USA the first such system was registered in November. But it turned out that it is not difficult to pass such an analysis in Moscow, a resident of the capital Sergey told Business FM.

“I needed to get tested for a business trip. Under the compulsory medical insurance system, I signed up for a study. I was offered polyclinic 68 on Bolshoy Strochenovsky Lane. When I went there to take an antibody test, I was offered to participate in a study to analyze my T cells for free. The most interesting thing is that I had low titers of antibodies, but the analysis for T cells showed a negative result. Apparently, I was asymptomatic, but my cellular immunity did not develop."

Free testing of Muscovites is carried out as part of a study by the Moscow Department of Health called "Assessment of the tension of cellular and humoral immunity to the causative agent COVID-19 in Moscow residents." You can take it in the branches of four polyclinics: 3, 45, 62 and 68. In the unofficial telegram chats of the Sputnik V test participants, many write that they have already received the results. However, as the hotline told Business FM, the rules for the study have recently changed.

- Yes, you can do the test. We have four polyclinics per fence. But I would like to clarify that we do not provide individual results. We sent in the results, but people had a lot of questions about what this means. People began to draw ambiguous conclusions that cannot yet be drawn on the basis of these results. Therefore, there was an order not to issue the results yet. Research centers analyze only the general data set, not highlighting it individually. This is scientific work, this is not a clinical analysis.

- And those who got their results, what are they talking about?

- They don't talk about anything. They have actual knowledge of whether signs of cellular immunity have been detected or not. But, unfortunately, it is too early to draw any conclusions based on this. Many people are interested in this in order to understand: to be vaccinated or not, to defend themselves or not. At the moment, we cannot say anything for sure. So far we are only studying.

The department's motivation is clear. The presence in the body of an indefinite number of lymphocytes familiar with coronavirus does not guarantee protection against COVID-19, and a positive test result can reduce a person's vigilance. Nevertheless, individual data are still being issued to some participants, says a lawyer from Moscow, Denis Skryabin.

“I was told that my result would be sent. The question is whether it will be sent now or later. They promised to send them to the specified e-mail address within three days and give explanations about the results. I hope my curiosity will be satisfied."

Meanwhile, a new test system is being developed in Russia to assess cellular immunity, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on December 8.

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