Registration For Vaccination Against Coronavirus Has Begun In Moscow

Registration For Vaccination Against Coronavirus Has Begun In Moscow
Registration For Vaccination Against Coronavirus Has Begun In Moscow

Video: Registration For Vaccination Against Coronavirus Has Begun In Moscow

Video: COVID-19: Russia has begun to roll out vaccination in Sputnik V clinics 2022, December

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On December 4, registration for free vaccination against coronavirus began in Moscow - so far only for doctors, teachers and social workers no older than 60 years without chronic diseases who have not had ARVI for the last two weeks. The vaccination can be done as early as December 5th. Sergei Sobyanin said that 5 thousand people signed up for vaccination in the first five hours.

The record is open any days two weeks in advance from 8 am to 8 pm, even on Sunday. You must take your passport, compulsory medical insurance policy and a certificate from the place of work with you. The procedure will take at least an hour.

Social worker Ekaterina says that she is still afraid to get vaccinated:

- The inoculation, of course, needs to be done, but the fact that it is said in plain text that it is still incomplete is a little scary. It's scary what will happen next. And so - yes, why not.

- What do your colleagues say?

- Rather, they are afraid. Because it has not been investigated. Although some of my colleagues did, all is well. But there are still concerns. If the vaccination had already been completed by 100% and we would have known this, then, it seems to me, all the people would have gone and began to do it voluntarily, without fear of anything. We are told at work: do whoever wants to. But I just don't really want to be experimented with.

As the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova said on December 4, over the past two weeks, more than 770 primary school teachers have been infected with the coronavirus. Vaccination is necessary for teachers, says Valery Tikhonov, director of the School in Kapotnya state institution in Moscow.

Valery Tikhonov Director of the School in Kapotnya State Institution in Moscow “Yes, I will be vaccinated, and we discussed this issue with our management team. I think that we will all be vaccinated and subsequently our teachers will also join this process. Because there are a sufficiently large number of patients who have had this disease, so they would like to do it."

Previously, those who were vaccinated as part of clinical trials were given PCR, antibody tests, and even drug tests before vaccination. Now in the 102nd Metropolitan Polyclinic Business FM they said that it is not necessary to take a PCR test, noting that the recording is free for Sunday. “We have just begun,” said the interlocutor. However, doctors interviewed by the radio station do not exclude that vaccinating an already infected person can have unpredictable health consequences, so they advise taking a test before vaccination.

Moscow authorities intend to open a total of 170 vaccination points by the beginning of next year, Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova told the Moscow 24 TV channel. “We have opened 70 vaccination points. We very much hope that more and more vaccines will be delivered every day, and by the end of the year, at the very beginning of next year, we will open 170 vaccination points,”she said.

Anastasia Rakova also said that 1.5% of those who took part in the post-registration studies of the Sputnik V vaccine in Moscow were infected with COVID-19 (273 out of more than 20 thousand people). “Some people received a placebo. We do not know which of them received a placebo. That is, these figures speak for themselves about the effectiveness of this vaccine,”added the vice mayor.

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