Sobyanin Announced The Start Of Vaccination Against Coronavirus. What Questions Remain Regarding The Procedure?

Sobyanin Announced The Start Of Vaccination Against Coronavirus. What Questions Remain Regarding The Procedure?
Sobyanin Announced The Start Of Vaccination Against Coronavirus. What Questions Remain Regarding The Procedure?

As the drug becomes available, the list of categories of persons for registering for vaccination will gradually expand, according to the website of the mayor of Moscow. You must take your passport, compulsory medical insurance policy and a document confirming the fact of work in the relevant organization with you for vaccination. For example, a certificate from the place of work. The procedure will take at least an hour. Ten minutes for a doctor's examination, 15 minutes for defrosting the drug, half an hour for inoculation and monitoring the condition of the vaccinated.


At the same time, it has not yet been said anywhere whether it is necessary to take a PCR test before vaccination and where to do it. Those who were vaccinated as part of clinical trials were given PCR, antibody tests, and even drug tests before vaccination. The mayor's website says: 70 vaccination points have been opened in Moscow on the basis of city adult polyclinics. But it is not yet possible to select an item. We called several clinics. The answer is approximately the same everywhere:

- As far as I know, the record has not been opened yet, the information will appear on the site.

- Do you know if you need to take a PCR test before that? Will it be taken on the spot or what?

- There will be all the conditions spelled out how this can be done. Whether it should be done or not. This will be a civil vaccination, that is, not a research center. I am answering the question about the flu, so as not to disorient you, you never know what else will happen.

So far, there is no information on the hotline of the Ministry of Health: they said to call back after December 4, then it will be known whether it is necessary to take a PCR test. The question about the PCR test is very important. Without passing it, you can come to vaccination, being infected - especially considering the figures for the daily incidence. Of course, covid can be caught, including taking a PCR test, that is, between testing and vaccination. But in the case of testing, the probability is still lower.

Nobody knows what the consequences of applying a vaccine to a virus might be. The negative effect can harm not only the prestige of the drug, but also human health. Vyacheslav Ovechkin, a pulmonologist at the Semashko Clinical Hospital of Russian Railways Medicine, comments.

- Given the massiveness of covid, everyone must first take a PCR test for the absence of COVID-19 in smears and in the oropharynx, and, probably, in an amicable way, you need to be tested for antibodies.

- If a person who is already infected is vaccinated, what can this lead to?

- There may be different options. Of the bad, perhaps some kind of hyperimmune response. Although you cannot get COVID-19 with a vaccine, an incorrect immune response is possible.

- And do you personally plan to be vaccinated in the near future, within the framework of vaccination, and not research, which begins on Saturday? And your colleagues?

- I was ill in the first wave, and I still have antibodies in my blood. There are also people in the environment who did not get sick in the first wave, but are now getting sick. Colleagues have not yet responded in any way whether they will be vaccinated or not.

Many of the doctors and teachers interviewed by Business FM have already been ill. And the rest in the front ranks do not want to be vaccinated: they want to see how the vaccination goes with colleagues.

The metropolitan teachers are somewhat jealous of the director of the London College Carfax Karl Maurice. Large-scale vaccination is also beginning in the UK these days - with a drug from Pfizer and BioNTech. But there teachers are not a priority. First of all, the elderly and nursing home workers will be vaccinated. But teachers also take risks every day.

Carl Maurice Director of the London College Carfax “We are forced to constantly contact with children, they, in turn, contact their parents, but not all parents are now working at home, remotely.I am very interested in making a vaccine, I have studied a lot of literature on this subject and can assure that it is safe. If everything goes well, like now, I will definitely get vaccinated, and this will be another cry from the crowd that teachers should also be a priority. To be honest, I have not yet gone into the details of the procedure, so I do not know if it is necessary to take a PCR test before vaccination, but we regularly test employees for covid. We try to do tests even when there is the slightest suspicion of coronavirus. Personally, I am a little shocked that teachers are not among the key categories to be vaccinated in the first place. Children are also susceptible to this infection and are carriers, thus, teachers in no less simple conditions, in fact, do social work."

In Moscow, an appointment for vaccination will begin on Friday, and on Saturday, according to the plan, vaccination centers will open. The COVID-19 vaccine is given twice. You only need to sign up for the first vaccination, the second will be assigned automatically. So that the patient does not forget about the re-vaccination, an SMS will come a day before it with a reminder of the date, time and clinic where you need to come. After the on-site procedure, the patient will receive a certificate with marks of two vaccinations with the date of vaccination, the name of the vaccine and the signature of the doctor.

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