Childhood Has A Taste Of Happiness

Childhood Has A Taste Of Happiness
Childhood Has A Taste Of Happiness

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In my Soviet childhood, there were insanely delicious curd snacks. Despite the fact that today stores are literally inundated with a variety of dairy products, it is rather difficult to find something similar in taste, naturalness and healthiness.


Manufacturers can be understood - you have to save on everything in order to make a profit. And it is difficult to find this unique invention of the Soviet food industry in a new format and modern packaging. But thanks to my professional curiosity and journalistic connections with experts from the most advanced dairy enterprises, I believe that I managed to find a real cheese with a taste of childhood. It is symbolic that it is called “Children's cheese with candied fruit”.

Pineapples instead of chemistry

The first thing that attracted attention in gloomy autumn weather, when you want to find a piece of the sun, is the bright yellow color of the packaging. We learned that its quality allows us not to worry that the contents will partially remain in the bag, and there was no limit to our joy. The Soviet packaging was not only paler, but also less hermetic. The portion is also convenient - one hundred grams, as the body needs to get a daily portion of valuable protein with vitamins and microelements. Indeed, today manufacturers are not at all obliged to make cheese curds in accordance with GOST, therefore it is very important that the company makes its product, not only adhering to the classic recipe, but also supplements it with useful additives, and not chemistry. It's no secret that when you see the inscription “with the taste of something” on the packaging, you immediately suspect that there is a taste of flavoring. And in "Children's cheese" there are only natural ingredients.

One hundred grams for happiness and health

It turned out that this is indeed a very healthy and balanced product without preservatives, vegetable fats, GMOs, dyes and flavor enhancers. Therefore, it has a short shelf life - only 10 days. And it makes no sense to keep it longer. Such delicious food should be eaten immediately, without delay. Therefore, it is recommended to children, as well as to everyone who looks after their health and does not eat everything that comes to hand.

When the producers of this product started thinking about how to diversify the taste of "Baby Cheese", it was important to choose an ingredient that would not only be pleasant, but also complement the nutritional properties. After research, the choice fell on candied fruits. Pineapples are rich in dietary fiber, but they are absent in cottage cheese, but it contains fat-soluble vitamins that help the absorption of the minerals contained in candied fruits. They are loved by children and adults, they go well with cottage cheese, they contain a sufficient amount of sugars that provide the brain with glucose, and the entire body with the necessary energy.

There is one nuance - calorie content. The fat content of the cheese is 23 percent. It seems to be not a dietary figure. But doctors are sure that the figure should not scare even the eternally dieting citizens. It has been proven that low-fat foods are less digestible and little stimulate metabolism, and they do not satisfy hunger. The body must work, get pleasure from food, and not save calories, especially since the weight of the cheese is small, you won't get a lot of calories. A happy body spends more energy than a restrictive low-fat diet.

For "ZOZhnikov", as the adherents of a healthy lifestyle are jokingly called even in my enlightened editorial office, it is convenient to have a useful, inexpensive and balanced product at hand. By the way, respected experts told us about the balance. And they can be trusted.

Yulia ZARENKOVA, acting head of the curd shop of one of the dairy factories of the region:

The indisputable advantage of "Children's cheese with candied fruit" is the exceptional purity and sterility of the product.The cheese is based on selected, natural and delicate curd made from fresh milk, butter and vanillin. The base is made using a special technology that allows you to absorb the maximum amount of proteins, vitamins and microelements. Natural cottage cheese in this curd cheese can be compared with homemade or country cheese, because the principle of its production is the same. The entire production process is closed, which protects the curd from external factors. After all, sweet cottage cheese is a favorite food of not only people, but also bacteria. If the technology was violated during the production of cheese curds or the employees of the enterprise did not comply with sanitary standards, pathogenic microorganisms may develop in the product.

Tatiana BORISOVA, head of the procurement service of the enterprise:

- It is important what kind of feedstock is used, the country of its origin and other factors. For cheese, candied fruits are brought, which are made from pineapples growing in Thailand. Thai pineapples are the sweetest and largest, which allows you not to use the core of the fruit, but only the soft part of it, so the texture of candied fruits melts in your mouth.

Eat it yourself, feed your grandmother and friend

To be sure, we interviewed ordinary citizens who have already tried this product and appreciate its excellent quality.

Nikita Golovanov, second grader:

- At first I liked this cheese with the color of the package - I’m not ashamed to treat my friends, and it’s nice to take it in my hands. And the taste is very similar to ice cream. In the morning, my parents forced me to drink kefir and eat milk porridge. Now we have a strict agreement: three times a week - “Children's cheese with candied fruit”. I also love pineapples. "Pineapple is about us."

Galina Amosova, pensioner, grandmother with 15 years of experience:

- I start with cottage cheese every morning, because it is good for the bones. It is no secret that this is a weak point for an elderly organism, and osteoporosis is not far off in young people, the quality of products has decreased, and there are many imported, cheap ones, albeit in beautiful packaging. It's hard to find something worthwhile. So I, a grandmother with 15 years of experience, now regularly eat “Children's cheese with candied fruit” in the morning with pleasure. My granddaughter treated me to them, said that it is never too late to discover something new, with a different taste, but just as useful.

Elena Semenova, nutritionist:

- Cheese is good for everyone - both children and adults. It is a nutritious food that is high in protein and allows the body to absorb it easily. The classic recipe for children's curd cheeses was developed long ago by academic nutritionists. There are no coincidences in nutrition. Curd snacks are not just a sweet dessert, like cake or pastries, it brings real benefits to the body, as it contains a lot of useful vitamins and microelements. Curd is almost a champion in the amount of calcium. And calcium is best absorbed with fats, so butter is added to the curds to maximize the benefits of the product.


Only from high-quality natural cow's milk can you get real cottage cheese containing calcium, potassium, phosphorus and other vitamins and minerals useful for health. For baby cheese, high-quality natural cottage cheese is used, made from whole milk, which comes from the best farms in the Volga region.

The perfect cheese recipe:

First, the resulting curd is ground in a special mill to a pasty state and sent to a mixer, where butter and sugar are also added, everything is gently mixed in a container, so that the mass is enriched with oxygen.

In addition, during further packaging of the curd cheese on the conveyor belt, there is no squeezing of the curd structure, which allows you to keep the curd delicacy tender and airy.

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