How To Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke? About Symptoms And First Aid

How To Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke? About Symptoms And First Aid
How To Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke? About Symptoms And First Aid

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All-Russian project


For the second year in a row, our weekly has been participating in a joint project with the Russian Ministry of Health - "Healthy Nation". Its task is to tell people how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and take responsibility for their health. More than 80 lectures, round tables and field seminars will be held in educational and medical institutions in 40 regions of the country. We organized a meeting of teachers of the pedagogical university and doctors of the Regional Clinical Hospital 1 on the basis of the philological faculty of the OGPU. The heads of the resuscitation departments of the regional hospital told the teachers about the symptoms and prevention of two socially significant diseases - heart attack and stroke.

Know what works for you

Myocardial infarction is damage to the heart, and stroke is damage to the brain. Both diseases occur due to blockage of blood vessels supplying the heart - in the event of a heart attack and the brain - in the event of a stroke (a stroke also occurs when an artery that supplies blood to the brain ruptures).

Head of the Department of Reanimation and Intensive Care for Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction, OKB 1 Sergey Zakharov told how to suspect a heart attack.

“The most specific symptom of a heart attack is chest pain. The patient puts a fist on his chest. Most often, the pain radiates to the left half of the body: arm, shoulder blade, half of the neck. The pain is sharp, it is called a dagger. Such that it makes you stop and breathe shallowly, it is accompanied by the fear of death,”explained Sergei Anatolyevich.

First of all, the victim needs to call an ambulance and stop physical activity, then first aid needs to be provided. It is necessary to measure the pressure and take the device. If a person has experience of using nitroglycerin and at the moment he has normal or high blood pressure, you need to take a nitroglycerin tablet five times with an interval of three to five minutes. If the pressure is high, it is necessary to take antihypertensive drugs (a group of drugs that are taken for hypertension to lower blood pressure indicators). If the victim has not previously taken aspirin-based drugs, half a tablet of acetylsalicylic acid should be chewed and held under the tongue. By the arrival of the ambulance, the patient or his family needs to prepare previously made electrocardiograms, hospital discharge, passport, SNILS, policy and a glass of water. The person who is next to the victim should be helped and reassured.

Stroke symptoms are different. The head of the department of resuscitation and intensive care for patients with acute cerebrovascular accident at OKB 1 Alexander Chirkov spoke about them. With a stroke, sensitivity is suddenly impaired and weakness appears, especially on one side of the body, speech becomes difficult (it is difficult to understand), vision is suddenly impaired in one or two eyes (even double vision appears), gait is disturbed and loss of balance occurs, dizziness begins, without any or a severe headache appears.

In such a situation, there is very little time to provide assistance. It is very important to notice the stroke on time. If you saw a person who suddenly became ill, conduct the following test: ask him to smile - with a stroke, the person will be able to smile with only one corner of his lips, ask him to raise both hands - one will not obey, talk to him - and the person will not be able to answer you intelligibly. If these signs are found, urgently call an ambulance, seat the victim (leave him alone), if the pressure is increased, it cannot be lowered.

Do not overfill!

The doctors were reminded of what can lead to these diseases.This is arterial hypertension (you need to know "your" pressure and have drugs that help you), overweight, high cholesterol and sugar levels, smoking, physical inactivity (dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system, blood circulation, respiration, digestion with limited physical activity, a decrease in the strength of muscle contraction). In particular, for a normal state of health, it is necessary to walk for at least 30 minutes per day. And if you are overweight, you need to follow a diet.

“Today there are different diets, and their authors only recognize their own programs and exclude all other methods. But you need to be careful with this. There is a scientific diet that should be followed, - Sergey Zakharov explained.

Among the recommendations are reducing the consumption of meat and poultry fats (replace them with vegetable and fish oils), limiting the consumption of margarine, milk fat substitutes, cocoa butter, sweet baked goods made from refined white flour, cooking fats, creams with vegetable oils, French fries, popcorn, chips, industrial salad dressings. Do not oversalt food, the rate is up to five grams per day."

The doctors noted: “No salt shakers on the table! Salt the dish while it is cooking. " To prevent these diseases, you need to eat fish twice a week (while once a week it should be fatty (salmon) fish), increase vegetables and fruits in the diet to 200 g per day. Doctors advise and limit yourself to alcohol consumption. For healthy men it is 560 ml of strong drink, 4620 ml of beer, 2100 ml of wine per week, for women the dose is half. For hypertensive patients, doses that are less than half (corresponding to the sex of the person) will be safe.

After the lecture by the doctors of the regional hospital, the teachers of the pedagogical university were able to consult them on personal matters and thanked them for the useful conversation.

This is the first promotion of our weekly. Soon "AiF in Orenburg region" will hold the next meeting within the framework of the "Healthy Nation" project, which we will also tell about on the pages of our newspaper.

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