How To Improve An Intimate Life After Childbirth

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How To Improve An Intimate Life After Childbirth
How To Improve An Intimate Life After Childbirth

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As young mothers like to joke, in the first year of parenthood, the best sex is sleep. But what if the joke becomes a reality, and the married bedroom really turns into an exclusively place to sleep?


An obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest qualification category of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center "Medintsentr" (a branch of the GlavUpDK at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia), Candidate of Medical Sciences Olga Anatolyevna Lebedeva, helps to understand.

What changes in the intimate life of a woman after the birth of a child

After the appearance of a baby in the family, the life of the family completely changes, and the intimate sphere is no exception.

The body and psyche of a woman undergoes changes, which are important to take into account. First of all, doctors recommend sexual rest after childbirth for at least 4-6 weeks - during this period, most women recover and heal the uterus, and discharge from the genital tract stops.

At the end of the postpartum period, a woman is advised to visit a gynecologist and, if no abnormalities are found during the examination, then in 1-2 months after childbirth, you can resume sexual activity.

How to deal with uncomfortable sensations

The primary cause of discomfort during sex for all young mothers is the lack of natural lubrication. Due to a sharp decrease in female hormones (estrogens), the production of mucus in the vagina is reduced, and the problem may remain relevant throughout the entire period of breastfeeding.

To solve this problem, you can use artificial lubricants - lubricants that are sold in pharmacies.

When choosing, you should pay attention to several nuances:

- the lubricant should be water-based, so as not to cause irritation and not have a negative effect on barrier contraceptives;

- it is better to give preference to the simplest options, without additional additives and flavors.

If there were tears during labor or an episiotomy was used

The presence of stitches after tears and episiotomy (surgical dissection of the perineum and the posterior wall of the vagina during childbirth) can significantly complicate the return to sexual life, since the scar tissue disrupts the elasticity of the tissue, discomfort and soreness occur at the suture site.

In this situation, you can try to find a more comfortable position or postpone having sex for a while.

If everything is ok but there is no attraction

After childbirth, many women experience a significant decrease in sexual desire - libido, and this is due not only to fatigue, but also to natural hormonal changes.

The process of breastfeeding is accompanied by the active production of the hormone prolactin, which blocks ovulation. If there is no ovulation, there is no way to get pregnant, and accordingly there is no need for sex at the physiological level, because from the physiological side, the main task of sexual intercourse is conception. At the same time, sexual intercourse does not in any way affect lactation (milk secretion by the mammary gland) and normally cannot have a negative effect on it.

In the resumption of sexual life after childbirth, the state of mind of a young mother is also of great importance.

And here, a comfortable, friendly environment in the family, the care and love of loved ones and the woman's desire to be happy are especially important. Banal rest, good sleep and time for yourself can work miracles.

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