Sports Loads On Critical Days: What You Can

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Sports Loads On Critical Days: What You Can
Sports Loads On Critical Days: What You Can

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Each week of the cycle is characterized by its own physiological characteristics, knowing which, you can improve your training and achieve results faster.


Cycle workout summary

First week

At the hormonal level, the female body is similar to the male: the amount of estrogen is minimal. The body works by using the energy of carbohydrates to burn fat. This is the perfect time for cardio and moderate strength training.

Second week

The amount of estrogen in the body is increasing, but it is still used to giving energy from carbohydrates rather than using glucose. During this period, it is best to engage in intense strength training 3 times a week, using basic exercises with maximum weight.

Third week

This seven-day period is characterized by a sharp loss of motivation - the body returns to normal work after hormonal stress, trying to re-accumulate the body fat that you have diligently reduced the last two weeks. At this time, it is useful to change the type of activity: combine moderate strength loads with stretching exercises, for example, with yoga or Pilates. In addition, you should increase the training time: we increase the number of repetitions in one approach and the rest time between them.

Fourth week

The female metabolism slows down. Last week's loss of motivation and apathy extends not only to sports, but to any physical activity. The body slowly gives up energy, preferring not to part with it at all, and therefore even intense cardio loads will not give significant results. High-impact and intense training should be abandoned, completely replacing them with stretching exercises, static loads on the muscle body. Special attention should be paid to nutrition.

The advantage of static training

As noted above, the female body is increasingly difficult to use fat reserves as a source of energy for physical activity. In the fourth week, they are least effective. This means that the same cardio performed at different periods of the menstrual cycle will give you completely different results. How can you burn calories if not with aerobic exercise?

Static loads come to the rescue. Few are fond of them, since a slow program is harder to survive than bouncing a lot of exercises at a time, but such training is necessary.

First, they also tighten the muscle corset, just like the strength ones. However, they engage all muscle groups at once, which is very beneficial since separate abdominal and arm exercises, for example, can be ineffective. All muscles are connected, and you shouldn't forget about it.

Secondly, this type of load affects muscle tissue in a different way, forcing it to be elastic and pliable for subsequent exercises. Static exercises seem to push the muscles outward, drawing the relief and also reducing the body fat.

Thirdly, to perform static loads, our body prefers to consume carbohydrates, which allows you to burn calories at a slow pace. The combination of exercise and rest time keeps the muscle toned so it works better and stays in shape even when you're not doing strength training.

Fourth, yoga and Pilates strengthen your posture. This will not only help you improve your strength training technique with mass, but it will also make you visually slimmer and taller. A straight back is a guarantee of eye health, no headaches and the risk of spinal injuries.

Finally, these loads are considered useful for the state of mind and the search for harmony.You don't have to be an ardent follower of Buddhist philosophy to do the exercises. It is enough to control breathing and concentrate exclusively on your body during training, your own feelings and the work of the muscles.

Attention to what you eat

Another important way to burn fat in the fourth week of your cycle is to optimize your diet.

As has been said more than once, in order to obtain a result from physical activity, one should pay attention not to the calorie content of foods, but to the macro- and microelements in them. We reduce the amount of carbohydrates to a minimum: 30-40 g per day, and we try to consume "healthy carbohydrates". They are found in greens, cabbage, cereals - that is, in almost all foods usually recommended for drying the body - they require more energy for their absorption by the body than they themselves contain. Animal fats should also be kept to a minimum while increasing the amount of oily fish in the diet. The ideal ratio is 4: 1, that is, there should be four times more fish oil than animal and vegetable oils. And don't forget about protein - eat natural proteins or pure protein.

The fourth week is a great opportunity to learn how to cook healthy meals, since most semi-finished products, even with a low calorie content and the correct BJU content, impair metabolism, which is already difficult to take energy, and are deposited in the form of fat mass on the body.

One of the main components of proper nutrition is the saturation of useful vitamins and minerals. Hormonal changes occurring in the body in the fourth week of the cycle greatly affect the whole body: he has no time to think about vitamins, he is busy with hormones, and therefore you should think about it. Drink iodine supplements to help normalize your metabolism and help your body produce enough hormones. Lack of thyroxine and triiodothyronine leads to the fact that the body begins to work even more on glucose, and any carbohydrates are used to create a fat layer.

Thus, the fourth week of the menstrual cycle is characterized by sharp hormonal changes, which affects the general condition of the body. Static loads and exercises that increase muscle elasticity are ideal for this period. When doing them, we do not feel as if we are wasting a lot of energy, and therefore the feeling of fatigue and lack of motivation will not become a problem. Particular attention should be paid to nutrition and saturation of the body with useful substances. With the right and comprehensive approach, you can achieve results, even despite the physiological characteristics of your own body.

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