Being Overweight Can Make Pets Depressed

Being Overweight Can Make Pets Depressed
Being Overweight Can Make Pets Depressed

Swedish veterinarians have warned that being overweight in pets can make them depressed. They, like a person, are getting more and more accustomed to a "sedentary" lifestyle and abundant nutrition.

Experts point out that today's cats and dogs are "overweight". However, their owners do not notice this.

"It is already customary when the owner comes with his cat, which, as they think, is too thin, but actually weighs within the normal range," - quotes veterinarian Linda Nestorsson Andersson Flashnord. "Such cats are now rare, and what appears to be a deviation is actually the norm," says the doctor.

She said that out of love for their animals, the owners very often overfeed them with dog and cat delicacies. According to Linda, this can provoke mental problems in four-legged animals.

For example, fat cats find it difficult to lick themselves, which results in stress. And the weight does not allow full-fledged dogs to run and frolic, which causes them to be depressed.

It is not difficult to determine if a cat or dog is overweight. According to the veterinarian, ribs should be felt in dogs. Cats, on the other hand, often store belly fat, which is more difficult to spot due to their thick coat.

Linda Nestorsson Andersson gave the owners some tips to keep their pets in good physical and mental shape. Dogs, for example, can be given a low-calorie dog food instead of a meat cutlet, and the portion is ten times larger. It is also important to change your diet from time to time to improve your metabolism.

For cats, it is easier for them to lose weight by eating soft foods that make them feel fuller. "Cats are harder to get moving and requires a lot of work. However, you can play with them. Take your cat off the couch, take it to the top floor, and let it walk up the stairs again," the veterinarian recommends.

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