The Woman Lost 70 Kilograms And Regretted

The Woman Lost 70 Kilograms And Regretted
The Woman Lost 70 Kilograms And Regretted

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A resident of the English borough of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, lost 70 kilograms and was upset because of her sagging skin. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

Victoria Harries weighed 144 kilograms. Seven years ago, she was at a friend's wedding, where she was captured by a photographer. When the woman saw herself in the picture, she was upset and removed the mark with her name on social networks. At the same time, Harries decided that she needed to lose weight, printed this photo and hung it on the refrigerator door for motivation.

The Briton adhered to strict diets and a sports regime, and as a result, she lost 70 kilograms in seven years. She walked 10 thousand steps daily until 10 in the morning and ate a balanced diet. Now her weight is 74 kilograms, but the result did not satisfy the woman. Instead of a dream body, she received ten kilograms of saggy skin on her arms, legs and stomach.

After losing weight, Harries cannot look at herself in the mirror and, due to sagging skin, still cannot wear the clothes she wants. Strangers ask if she is pregnant, and this upsets the British woman. She admits that sometimes she thinks that she would like not to lose weight at all.

Now Harries collects 9.5 thousand pounds (780 thousand rubles) for an operation to remove excess skin and hopes to soon accumulate the required amount.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the English village of Barwell, Leicestershire, changed his diet, began to play sports and lost 51 kilograms. The Briton weighed about 133 kilograms and complained that he was not doing well in the pictures, but after deciding to lose weight he signed up for the gym and developed the habit of regularly eating in small portions to restore metabolism.

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