Ex-host Of "Spartak" Yulia Ushakova Named 8 Important Rules For A Flat Stomach

Ex-host Of "Spartak" Yulia Ushakova Named 8 Important Rules For A Flat Stomach
Ex-host Of "Spartak" Yulia Ushakova Named 8 Important Rules For A Flat Stomach

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Former host of the club television of HC "Spartak" Yulia Ushakova, who is the Honored Master of Sports of Russia in bodybuilding, published a post on Instagram about a flat stomach. Among other things, the 29-year-old athlete named eight important rules for a flat stomach.

“You asked me a lot of questions in the directive and in the comments about these problem areas - the sides and abdomen. I know very well how difficult it is to "dry" the abs, despite the fact that I constantly train and run, it is the lower abdomen that loses weight heavily and in the last place. Nutrition plays a huge role in this - 50%, hereditary factor (body type) - 30%, and physical activity - the remaining 20%. That is why you will not achieve the result only by “pumping” the abdominal muscles. Moreover, you can even aggravate everything and expand the waist with some exercises. For example, I am against all exercises for the lateral muscles of the press. When I see someone doing this, I cry! The spine also suffers from this. I am convinced that straight, reverse curls, planks, some oblique upper body curls are enough.

I always say to my students: "Look at your mothers to understand how your figure might look at their age."

My figure has become very similar to my mother, especially when I gain a little. Our abdominal area becomes softer the very first with indulgence in nutrition. This is neither bad nor good - this is our genetics, and you just need to accept it, but do everything possible to make your body type better, and not be equal to phyto-babies or naturally dry girls with cubes and veins on their stomachs (they can often still crack carbohydrates and they are not deposited).

We are all different! Remember this. Insulin receptors in all of us are distributed in different proportions over the zones of the body, and it is the stomach for women that is an evolutionarily needing protection area. There is the uterus and vital organs, which is why, with a diet, the limbs (arms and legs) lose weight first, and of course the chest. This is the biggest injustice.

During stress, by the way, extra centimeters appear in the "life buoy" zone, since the body under cortisol does not understand what will happen next, and just in case it protects the organs. In men, the belly grows mainly due to visceral fat, and not subcutaneous fat, as we women, and this is much more dangerous to health. Therefore, men definitely need to adjust their nutrition if their belly begins to grow,”Ushakova wrote.

In eight important rules of a bad belly, Julia included: - we remove flour, sweet, starch; - we practice breathing practices and vacuum; - we regularly perform physical. load: three times a week cardio, at least two strength training "fullbadi" - we increase everyday activity; - at least temporarily remove alcohol (yes, sad, but necessary); - as additional. means we turn on roller, vacuum and other mechanical massages; - remove excess liquid (drink clean water instead of juices); - regularly have sex (they say, a work topic).

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