We Must, We Must Pump Up: Crossfit Workout For The Perfect Figure

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We Must, We Must Pump Up: Crossfit Workout For The Perfect Figure
We Must, We Must Pump Up: Crossfit Workout For The Perfect Figure

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We caught our fitness expert Yulia Ushakova preparing for a television project (its name is still kept secret). To easily overcome any tasks on the project, she decided to add CrossFit classes to her schedule, which will help improve physical fitness and endurance, as well as pump her arms, shoulders, legs and buttocks. Grazi decided that we need it too.


Yulia Ushakova, two-time world champion in body fitness, five-time champion of Russia, winner of the Miss Figure Olympia tournament:

“I hired a CrossFit coach to prepare me for the project. Yes, I am a coach myself, but sometimes you need a person who will not only adjust, but also look from the outside and correct as needed. Praise (and I need it) and say: "Come on stronger, keep your back !!!" This will make the lesson more productive. Before such an energy-intensive workout, I eat complex carbohydrates (70 g of red or wild rice + 5 quail eggs + a slice of cheese). And I can afford lactose-free coffee or soy milk. One mug for breakfast, another while I drive to workout. During the day, and especially during training, I drink a lot of water, which is what I wish for you."

Warm up

It all starts with her. Maximum 10 minutes, of which 5 I actively walk on the track, and 5 I run. This is enough to cheer up, and the strength should remain for the main part of the workout. Also, be sure to do body bends, lunges and stretch-stretch.

Warm up 2

Before starting the workout itself, you need to warm up again: 8 push-ups (on straight legs, and if it is difficult, you can perform the exercise while kneeling), 15 squats and 15 body lifts on the press. And so three circles. Only after this should you proceed to the main part of the lesson.

1 exercise

"Burpees" (squatted, jumped out, clapped their hands over their heads, squatted down, jumped to the prone position, squeezed out, gathered their legs back in a jump and jumped out from below, clapped their hands over their heads, and so on) + climbed under the crossbar + turned 90 degrees and again performed "burpee", and again climbed under the crossbar

2 exercise

Grasp the crossbar with your hands and "go" forward along the horizontal ladder. First one way, then the other. Complete one circle.

3 exercise

In front of you are several inverted "bosu" (flat platform up). Jump with two feet on the "barefoot", jump off it, again on it and again down.

4 exercise

A heavy "pancake" is tied to the rope (determine the weight for yourself, but you can start with 10-15 kg) and you pull it towards yourself. During this exercise, the legs should be bent at the knees and not move from place (arms and body work).

5 exercise

An even heavier "pancake" lies in front of you, you bend over, grab it with your hands and push it forward on the floor.

6 exercise

Pull-ups and flips over the bar (somersault on the bar).

7 exercise

Side jumps on one leg over a small fence.

And so three circles at least.


At the end, stand in a plank for a minute (if you can do more, great).

Are there any strength left? After a short break, you can do a back exercise. Hook special elastic bands over the crossbars, making a loop in which you put one leg. Start pulling up. 10 reps per leg, 2-3 sets.

At the very end, stretch your back: sit on the mat, your legs are bent, your back is round, and your hands are holding onto the trainer. And stretch out.

See more exercises on Yulia Ushakova's YouTube channel.

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