The Dangers Of A "wrong" Morning Run

The Dangers Of A "wrong" Morning Run
The Dangers Of A "wrong" Morning Run

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The journalists of the Express-Novosti news agency learned from a professional orthopedist about the dangers of a morning run and how to carry it out correctly. Running is considered one of the most popular sports. Despite the fact that it significantly improves human health, many people suffer various injuries every year. And there are several main reasons for this.

Features of human anatomy play a major role in sports. If a person suffers from flat feet, then he increases the load on the foot while running. Doctors point out that this can lead to problems with the bones of the legs and the ensuing problems. If a person has different leg lengths, then perhaps morning jogging will have to be abandoned, as muscle imbalance may occur. Most often, women over the age of 50 are injured when running. Men can also get hurt, especially if they are overweight. Constant jogging of people in the "body" can provoke changes in the knee joints and muscles.

The run should not last longer than the prescribed time. A long run does not mean you get great results. Scientists believe that running more than 65 kilometers a week is not worth it, as this increases the likelihood of injury. The same applies to abrupt changes in mode and load. In a week, according to the recommendations of experts, you can increase the load by a maximum of 10%. Having a warm-up before running is a serious requirement. In its absence, you can literally feel pain in the back and legs after the first time. It is important to remember that shoes for morning jogging must be selected correctly, depending on the type of foot. Every 400 kilometers of run, shoes should be replaced with a new one. It should be about the same size and shape as the previous one.

Nowadays, the topic of running without shoes is gaining great popularity. Doctors do not prohibit this type of jogging, however, the distances for the first period should not be very long. It is also recommended to refrain from barefoot jogging for people who are overweight. If you decide to do your morning run every day, do not forget about proper nutrition. In addition, for long runs, it is necessary to have a drink with you to restore the electrolyte balance.

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