5 Reasons Why A Man Is Needed For Women's Health

5 Reasons Why A Man Is Needed For Women's Health
5 Reasons Why A Man Is Needed For Women's Health

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Our ancestors believed that feminine energy must be balanced by masculine energy. And now there is such a common concept: "a man for health." Let's see why a man is needed for women's health.


Psychological aspect

If a woman is alone for a long time, this inevitably leaves a certain imprint on her. She dresses fashionably, visits a beautician and hairdresser, but it seems that her inner light is turned off. The feeling of loneliness brings with it depression, irritability over trifles, a tendency to grumbling, grunting. Not a single, even the best cosmetologist can paint the glitter of the eyes, the inner glow that occurs when a man appears in a woman's life. Even if it does not come to intimate relationships, the very fact that she is interested in a man mobilizes internal resources. And then the eyes sparkle, a natural gentle blush appears on the cheeks, the gait and posture change. A woman shines, transforms and becomes younger. The most interesting thing is that other representatives of the stronger sex immediately begin to pay attention to her: they suddenly notice that there is a gorgeous lady next to them. And the more admirers a woman has, the stronger her energy becomes, she feels herself to be perfect, her inner state has a positive effect on her appearance. Thus, the appearance of a man in a woman's life triggers a transformation mechanism. Psychologist Andrei Kurpatov believes that being desired is a woman's natural need. Her emotional state improves, her self-esteem rises, she becomes more successful in the social sphere.

Prevention of gynecological problems

Many women can endure life without sex with deceptive ease: it depends on temperament, sexual constitution, upbringing. However, in reality everything is not so simple: a member of the board of the RA sexologists Yana Anikeeva told why regular intimate relationships have a beneficial effect on a woman's health. With a prolonged absence of sexual contact, gynecological problems may occur:

there is stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs; hormonal balance is disturbed; the tone of the walls of the vagina weakens; the risk of cancer increases; gynecological problems appear - fibroma, cyst, andexitis.

Regular sexual activity eliminates the listed problems: during sex, a natural massage of internal organs occurs, blood circulation improves, muscle tone increases, and the likelihood of benign neoplasms decreases. The restored hormonal balance softens the symptoms of PMS, makes the syndrome of approaching menopause less pronounced. It should be noted that a positive effect is possible only in a relationship with a healthy partner, when the risk of sexually transmitted diseases is excluded.

Influence on the general condition of the body

With prolonged abstinence, women have problems with the general condition of the body:

drops in blood pressure begin; there is noise in the ears, the pulse quickens; the risk of heart attack, stroke increases; excess weight appears; sleep disturbances develop; fatigue increases.

In addition, the imbalance of hormones leads to a decrease in the production of natural collagen, which negatively affects the condition of the skin, the appearance of premature wrinkles. Depending on the type of skin, its natural tendencies are aggravated: dryness, peeling, or oily increases, rashes appear. Systematic sex solves many of these problems.Sexual load works as a kind of simulator for the cardiovascular system, maintains vascular tone, reduces the risk of heart disease, stabilizes blood pressure. The state of relaxation that occurs after intercourse relieves not only physical, but also mental stress, which allows you to fall asleep quickly. This is an alternative form of fitness, in which almost all muscle groups are involved and up to 300 kilocalories are consumed in one session. And the high content of endorphins reduces cravings for sweets, which leads to weight loss. Research by British scientists has shown that the hormonal surge during intercourse increases the pain threshold and significantly relieves acute and chronic pain of various origins, including headaches.

Strengthening the immune system

Swiss immunologist Manfred Shedlowski has scientifically proven that people who have sex at least 2 times a week have stronger immunity. In lonely people, the immune system is 30% less resistant to infectious diseases. Sexual intercourse 1.5 times increases the formation of phagocyte cells responsible for detecting and destroying cells infected with viruses. Thus, the harm from an infection that has entered the body is minimized by a natural increase in the level of immunoglobulin. And in late autumn and winter, the frequency of sex, according to Shedlowski, needs to be increased up to 3-4 times a week in order to maximize the body's defense mechanism and enable natural prevention of influenza and ARVI.

Happiness hormones

Sexologist Natalia Romanovskaya said that during sex, the brain produces three hormones of happiness at once: serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine. They cause a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, improve mood, lead to relaxation. Thanks to them, stress resistance increases, inner calmness appears. Even hugging and kissing leads to an increase in happiness hormones. And the lack of them makes you want to replenish the amount of endorphins at the expense of sweets (chocolate, sweets, cakes). Chronic lack of hormones of happiness leads to nervous breakdowns, depression, mental and physical fatigue. Research has shown that sex with a regular partner, provided there is a trusting relationship and no conflicts, brings three times more pleasure than contact with a stranger.

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